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P.volve Transformations — Lauren B.
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P.volve Transformations — Lauren B.

At P.volve, we love hearing about clients’ progress and seeing how they’re crushing our workouts. These ladies, near and far, are giving the P.volve community some major inspo through their incredible before and after transformations.

As a former dancer and professional cheerleader, Lauren was always incredibly active. Even with taxing workouts on top of that, she never found the results that matched her efforts--until she found P.volve. Below, our transformation of the week tells all!

"My background was in dance. I was a collegiate dancer, an NFL cheerleader, and had a degree in Pre-Physical Therapy. I felt as though I knew everything there was to get the body I desired, yet I hadn’t achieved the goals I was trying to achieve. In my before pictures, I was working out 2-4+ hours a day with practice, weight lifting, and cardio.  I was spinning my wheels just to feel less than confident. But I have changed my ways since being introduced to P.volve.

I now strive for 10-12K steps a day while doing P.volve for 30-60 mins 4-6x per week. I don’t stress about missing a day and finally am seeing the results I have strived for.  I love P.volve and couldn’t recommend it more for those looking to find wholistic wellness with their mind and body. I am so very thankful for finding this program and cannot wait to continue my progress!"

p.volve before and after testimonial
Where are you from?
Royal Oak, Michigan

How did you find out about P.volve?
I used to be a professional dancer and competed in pageants. I noticed a few girls that I grew up with posting about P.volve and I began looking into the program. As a Pre-Physical Therapy major in college at The University of Michigan, I was aware of the Grey Institute and knew many DPT that’s came out of the program. Knowing Stephen had a solid background in biomechanics was comforting, but even more so were the results that his clients were obtaining. I began P.volve soon after.

How do you incorporate P.volve into your daily life?
Every day is different, if I know my work schedule is heavy and early in the morning, I prepare myself to get a good amount of steps in during the day and get P.volve in after work as a quick at-home workout. If my day is lighter in the morning, I’ll wake up a bit earlier and fit it in before work. It’s truly about finding SOME time to fit it in (even if it is a quick 20 minutes!)

What's your favorite P.volve move?
I’m sure this description will go over well: basically an open fire hydrant with extension using the ankle weights

What's your favorite piece of equipment?
This is like choosing a bulldog vs. a golden retriever! I’d have to say the P.ball and the ankle weights are my go to home exercise equipment! 

What's your favorite P.volve workout or program?
Again, hard to choose. "Bikini Bum," "Step and Repeat," and the 3-Day Body Burn series are my go-to workout videos.

Thanks for sharing, Lauren! Your results speak for themselves, and we know you're going to keep them coming!

You can start streaming all of Lauren's favorite workouts and programs right from your P.volve streaming dashboard! 

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