“With Pvolve, I’ll never reach a workout plateau again” - Deidra G

For Deidra G., 55, Pvolve started as a way to fill in a gap in her workout schedule, but three years later, she can’t imagine her life without the method—or the results it delivers. 

I’ve never had trouble finding ways to be active. Whether I was running, skiing, hiking, or going to the gym, I have always made working out a priority. But when the pandemic happened, even the hiking trails near me in Los Angeles closed. For the first time, I found myself searching for ways to stay fit. 

Then, I came across an ad for Pvolve online one day. The movements looked interesting and completely different from any other exercise I had tried, and since the classes were online, I could work out at home. Better yet, they were offering a discount for medical care workers (I work in radiology). I decided to go all in, and invested in a starter package that included hand weights, ankle bands, and the P.ball. 

Healthy movement 

I began with routines that focused on Pvolve’s foundational moves, and was impressed that the workouts helped improve strength, mobility, and flexibility. None of my other workouts ever touched on all three!  

I was also pleased to learn that Pvolve’s exercises focus on strengthening the pelvic floor. At work, I often see patients who are dealing with pelvic floor issues, so I understand how important it is not to neglect it. 

Contagious energy 

Once I was ready, I challenged myself with some of the more advanced online classes and Dani Coleman quickly become one of my favorite trainers. Her energy is amazing! Then, when the West Hollywood studio opened up not too far away from where I lived, I decided to try an in-person class.  

I couldn’t believe it when I saw Dani leading the class! I enjoyed her in-person workout even more than the ones I tried at home. She is so good at pushing you and suggesting little tweaks that take your workout to the next level. I left class drenched in sweat and feeling totally invigorated. That’s the moment I realized I never wanted to stop doing Pvolve.   

A new level of fitness 

These days, I make time for some of my other favorite workouts, like running, but Pvolve is my number one. I go to a studio class about six times a month, and have never felt stronger.  

From my arms to my core to my glutes, I see more tone and definition—and considering the compliments I get, other people must as well. I credit some of this to the fact that Pvolve’s routines fire up muscles in my body that were previously ignored with my other workouts. 

Not only does this added strength give me extra power and stability when I run or ski, but it’s also helped at work. My job is physically demanding—there’s a lot of twisting, turning, and reaching over patients—and over the years, it’s taken a toll on my body. But Pvolve’s functional fitness routines have taught me how to move in a more  mindful way that works with my body instead of against it.  

Studio love 

I recently moved to another neighborhood in Los Angeles, and my first thought was, “am I still going to be able to make it to the Pvolve studio?” But the answer was 100% yes. I love and need this workout, and it’s absolutely worth the 40-minute drive from my new home to the studio. I truly never regret going. 

Whether I’m taking a class with Dani or another trainer, the energy is unbeatable and the encouragement I get motivates me to push myself a little bit more each time. With other workouts, I’ve often experienced plateaus or found that the moves become less challenging over time, but that’s never the case with Pvolve. There’s always a new goal to reach and new moves to master, and even three years later, I feel the same way I did after my first studio class: I never want to stop doing this workout! 

Pvolve Member Deidra in the LA Studio

5 of my Pvolve highlights

1. Finding my balance

I was so intimidated by using the Slant Board at first, but balance is so important—especially as we get older—so I kept at it. Now the Slant Board is one of my favorite pieces of Pvolve equipment!  

2. Improving my running

Pvolve has helped me excel at other workouts, too—especially running. My legs are stronger than they have ever been. 

3. Discovering new faves

I love the Pvolve merch! Equipment, tees, sweatshirts, I have it all. And after a sweaty session, I like to replenish with Pvolve’s Recover 9 supplement. 

4. Strengthening everything

Because I work in the medical field, I often see patients who are dealing with pelvic floor issues. So I was thrilled to find out that the Pvolve Method targets and strengthens this often ignored area of the body. 

5. Going the distance

I don’t think twice about driving 40 minutes to the closest Pvolve studio. Nothing could replace these workouts—or the energy and motivation—that the trainers bring to class.    
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