“I tried every workout under the sun—Pvolve is the only one I’ve stuck with” - Anicia A

Anicia A., 32, of New York City was physically burnt out from a rotating list of high-intensity workouts and a demanding job, but Pvolve helped her rethink her relationship to exercise.

Before I found Pvolve, I believed that if a workout didn’t leave me feeling totally exhausted, it wasn’t worth my time. That mentality did a number on my body. I pushed myself through endless HIIT classes, bootcamps, marathon training, cycling classes, treadmill classes—you name it, I’ve tried it.

I was already dealing with some health issues and inflammation, and my body didn’t react well to the high-impact workouts. I would leave classes feeling sore and burnt out. It didn’t help that, as a personal chef and owner of a kids’ meal delivery service, I have a very physically demanding job. I’m on my feet most of the day, and the motions used while cooking were leading to pain and repetitive use injuries. It was time for a change.

Branching Out

A friend of mine suggested that I attend a Pvolve class with her. She showed me a streaming video, and at first, I was skeptical. It was so different from the workouts I was accustomed to. But I gave it a shot.

I took my first class with Melanie at the New York City studio and was hooked right away. The music was great, Melanie’s motivating energy was contagious, and the moves worked my body without straining it—a first for me!  

But even though the workout wasn’t high-impact, it was still intense. I couldn’t believe how much resistance the Pvolve equipment, like the ankle weights and P.3 Trainer, added to the moves! They challenge everything: your core, legs, glutes, arms…it’s not easy.

Feeling Better Every Day

Around the same time as starting Pvolve, I tweaked my diet slightly. My body seemed to love the changes, especially the fact that I had cut back on high-impact workouts. I lost some weight, started sleeping better, and even experienced positive health changes.

Something that surprised me was how the method paid off outside of the studio too. Pvolve’s focus on functional fitness taught me how to move in ways that work with my body instead of against it, and that completely changed how I move about during my workday.

Now if I’m standing chopping vegetables for a long stretch of time, for example, I’m mindful about the way my shoulders and hips are positioned. Or when I squat down to take pots and pans out of a cabinet, I make sure to engage the appropriate muscles. I think this new mind-to-muscle connection has helped take a lot of stress off my body!

Finding a Home Away from Home

These days, I take a studio class five or six times a week, and each time, I look forward to it. Pvolve is the answer to everything! Bad day? Take a Pvolve class. Good day? Make it better with a Pvolve class. The community is truly the best and the staff has become my second family.

I’ve completely given up my high-impact workouts. In fact, the only other physical activity I do outside of Pvolve is walking. And my body continues to thank me for the switch every day. I’m stronger, have better mobility and balance, and I just feel so much better. And when I wrap up a workout, I’m energized instead of exhausted. It’s like I’ve given my body exactly what it needed. Pre-Pvolve me would have never believed that was possible!

 Pvolve Member Anicia A

5 of my Pvolve highlights

1. Discovering what my body needs

I used to do a lot of high-impact workouts, and my body didn’t respond well. Pvolve showed me that low-impact can still mean high-intensity.

2. Finding a supportive community

I’ve met amazing people through Pvolve. The staff are like a second family to me.

3. Embracing mindful movement

I’m a chef, which can be a physically demanding job. Thanks to Pvolve, I tap into what I’ve learned about functional movement to take stress off my body while working in the kitchen.

4. Changing my tune about planks

Yes, they’re brutal, but I’ve learned to love them. They’re super helpful and help to break up the class!

5. Enjoying an energy boost

I walk out of Pvolve classes feeling refreshed and invigorated—not exhausted and overworked.
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