“Pvolve helps me live a stronger, more fulfilling life”- Nicolette C

Nicolette C. knows that getting older doesn’t have to mean losing your strength. At 69, she’s achieving new workout goals—and inspiring others along the way.

I’ll blow out 70 candles on my next birthday cake, so for me, exercise is about so much more than getting in shape for a selfie. I work out to strengthen my body so that I can continue to live an active, independent life.

When a former barre instructor pointed me to Pvolve, I was intrigued by their approach to functional movement. The exercises promised to work with my body instead of against it to help improve mobility. It sounded just like what I needed.

Now, almost three years after my first class, I’m proof that the method works. Yes, I have muscle definition that wasn’t there before, but it’s what you can’t see that I want to talk about. Because to me, that’s what matters most.

Slow, but Steady, Progress

I’ve been a member of my local Los Angeles Pvolve studio since the summer of 2020. Classes looked a lot different back then: We were outside, masked, and socially distanced. I’ll admit that my first class was a bit intimidating! I didn’t recognize any of the equipment (turns out, it’s unique to Pvolve) and the moves felt foreign to me. I remember performing an exercise with the P.band and barely being able to pull the resistance band apart.

But I’m no quitter! My amazing trainer, Dani Coleman, showed me how to use the gear and adjusted my form, whether that meant shifting my weight or sinking back deeper into my hips. I was struck by the fact that in order to do Pvolve workouts correctly, you have to pay sharp attention to how your body is positioned. That intense focus helped shut everything else out of my mind. Still to this day, when I’m doing Pvolve, it’s all I’m thinking about. It’s the ultimate “me time.”

Real-World Results

Nine months after my first class, I remember using the P.band and realizing that I was pulling it apart with no problem. I just felt so much stronger in my body. But it’s what happened outside the studio that showed me how effective the Pvolve Method is.

If you’re older like I am, you know that something as simple as reaching behind you in the car to grab your purse off the backseat or tripping over a crack in the sidewalk can leave you seriously injured. That’s why I appreciate that the moves I do during Pvolve enhance my everyday life by improving balance, mobility, flexibility, and more. Now if I'm walking on uneven ground, reaching for something, or standing on my tiptoes, I feel confident in my body's ability to perform that task.

Feeling strong in my body also means that I get to spend more time doing one of the activities I love most: gardening. All of that crouching, bending over, and digging used to leave me feeling sore. Regularly working out with Pvolve has helped me build my strength and stamina, making it more enjoyable to spend hours outdoors tending to my flowers and plants.  

Should we make this more about her so it doesn’t feel like the whole method is about balance/mobility/flex?

Spreading the Word

These days, I go to Pvolve at least three times a week, and each time, it’s a new challenge. That’s what I love about the workout. Just when you think you’ve mastered a move, an, additional tweak can be added to make the exercise more difficult and push you to yet another level—but in a doableway. It’s so rewarding, and I never feel bored!

That consistency and dedication pays off. I feel proud that I can do twice as much as some of the newer members who are decades younger than I am. And I want everyone to know that you can never be “too old” to do Pvolve. It benefits everyone. And when you’re my age, those benefits can truly change your life.

Nicolette C in Pvolve Studio | Pvolve

5 of my Pvolve highlights

1. Inspiring my generation

I’ve encouraged other older women to become Pvolve members. I love helping people realize that working out has no age limit.

2. Improving my mobility

This is so important at my age! Everything I do in the Pvolve studio enhances my ability to move and function in the real world.

3. Surprising myself with my own strength

I continue to be amazed at what my body can do, like planks! I could never do them before.

4. Giving it my all

You can’t give 50%. The Method requires total focus. I love that. It forces me to pay attention to me—not what the woman next to me is doing.

5. Spending more time gardening

Now that I’m stronger and have more stamina, I’m able to dedicate more time to my beautiful flowers.
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