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P.volve is a functional movement
fitness program that helps you find the best body
for living your best life.

Our Method

The Madness Challenge: Compete, Earn, Burn


Thousands of success stories. Yours is next.

Welcome to the fitness program trusted by Victoria’s Secret Models – and women who
are not Victoria’s Secret Models at all.
Is P.volve right for me?
"P.volve has made it even easier for me to get my workout in - taking no excuses to the NEXT LEVEL."

- maddiejanemack

"P.volve workouts are my new obsession. I felt all the right muscles firing up during my workout [...] I feel a positive change in my body!"

- Nicole

The ball that
started the buzz.

  • An elastic band holds the p.ball high
    between your thighs in just the right place
  • 97% of women found the p.ball effective in
    targeting their thighs, butt, and abs after
    two weeks of use
  • Activate hard-to-reach muscles for amazing tone
    and definition in your core, glutes, thighs
  • Free 14-day all-access pass
    to on-demand workouts
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On demand workouts:
like bringing the P.volve studio to you.

Stream Your Workouts
P purchasing vegetables at the market

Fuel your body from the inside out.

Our commitment to you doesn’t start and end with your workout. You’ll love P’s natural, heart-healthy, whole-food based nutrition plan that helps you eat healthier and fuel your body properly so you can stay strong for a lifetime.

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