The Pvolve Method

Pvolve is a science-led method that combines low-impact functional fitness with resistance-based equipment to deliver results beyond a traditional workout.

The leader in functional fitness

Functional fitness is exercise that mimics everyday movement and works with the body’s biomechanics. By training muscles to work together, it can sculpt, strengthen and improve your mobility, balance, and coordination.

Led by science, not by hype.

Our advanced approach includes a Clinical Advisory Board, highly credentialed trainers, and participation in three ongoing clinical studies.

Meet our experts

"Pvolve’s investment in clinical research underscores their commitment to exercise effectiveness and improving research on women in every life stage."

Dr. Nima Alamdari

Ph.D. of Physiology


Resistance Equipment, Evolved

Our equipment, including the patented P.ball,, and P.3 Trainer, is integral to our method. By adding resistance via our proprietary pieces, Pvolve helps to improve muscle tone, muscle endurance and overall musculoskeletal health - from head to toe.

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Become your Strongest Self

Live Better For Longer

Muscle mass naturally begins declining in your 30s. With functional resistance training as the cornerstone of the Pvolve Method, our workouts can help you gain strength that research shows can improve your health at every stage.    

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