P.volve is a workout Method for women that combines low-impact functional training plus resistance based equipment for intense muscle activation and body sculpting that doesn't leave you feeling broken down and drained.

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P.volve is a workout method for women unlike any other fitness approach. Rooted in functional movement, we work with the body's mechanics to deeply activate muscles and help you move the way your body was designed to.

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The workout experience

We often hear P.volve is like learning a new language.

That's because our moves, based on functional movement training, are more fluid, dynamic, and controlled than in traditional fitness. Our Method takes you through your full range of motion, calling on internal and external rotations and all three planes of motion—forward, backward, and side to side—to create more strength and length in your body.

Using targeted sequences and specialized equipment made to strengthen hard-to-reach muscles, we create deep muscle engagement that sculpts without endless reps. And with a variety of class types and options in each session to help you level-up, your results never stop.

Why we move this way

Our training takes a different approach to fitness. We use physical-therapy inspired functional movement to work your primary muscles and the often-neglected stabilizer muscles as one holistic unit, strengthening to nourish areas of instability and sensitivity. 

This makes for a uniquely effective, low-impact workout that meets you at every level and supports you at every stage. Think gentle, but definitely not easy. 

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