“We finally got the toned results we dreamed of” - Olivia & Victoria S

Twins Olivia and Victoria S.,30, of Miami, FL are very family-oriented, so it’s no surprise that they do Pvolve together. Victoria discovered the Method first, and Olivia quickly joined her. After experiencing body-changing results, they can’t imagine not having the Method in their lives.

We live very social, active lives in Miami, and we’re always looking for ways to stay in shape. We played volleyball and tennis growing up, and as adults we’ve tried multiple different workouts and classes, from running and yoga to cycling and boot camp-style classes. We sweated our booties off and ran what felt like a million miles on treadmills, but we still weren’t completely satisfied with the results. 

We’re both naturally slim, so weight loss has never been a concern, but we did want to find that unicorn of a workout that tones, strengthens, and elongates you. We’re in our swimsuits a lot, so we wanted to feel and look good!

Finding “the one”

We noticed that a friend of ours was seeing amazing results—her body looked incredible—so when she shared that Pvolve was her secret for her defined muscle, Victoria knew she had to give it a go. She started streaming the workouts in the living room during the pandemic, but Olivia wasn’t convinced. She thought that the moves, like internal and external rotations, seemed strange compared to the workouts we were used to. But once Victoria started to get the results we’d been longing for, we were both on board!

We started doing Pvolve every morning together for 30 minutes, and we haven’t looked back. We took to the workout pretty quickly, maybe because of our exercise background, but it did take a bit of practice to get accustomed to some of the moves, especially the ones that require balance. Thankfully, the Pvolve trainers are amazing at walking you through the movements, so we quickly started to feel comfortable.

Pvolve Member Olivia S

On the go

We travel a lot, and Olivia especially is always on the move, since her boyfriend lives in New York City. Finding a workout that we could travel with was important to us and Pvolve fit that requirement perfectly. You can do the live and on-demand classes wherever you are since you don’t need a large space to work out, and the equipment is so easy to pack in your carry-on.

We’ll take a few pieces, like the P.band or light ankle weights with us, and exercise from our hotel room or even on Olivia’s boyfriend’s balcony. This has raised some eyebrows with TSA! They’ll question us about the gear, but we’re more than happy to spread the word and let more people know about Pvolve.

Results we’d dreamed about

Like we had hoped, Pvolve’s functional movements help lift and lengthen in a way that we haven’t experienced with any other workout. From our arms to our glutes, we feel tighter and stronger. It didn’t happen overnight, but after about five months of consistently working out (we’ll typically do Pvolve every other day), we started to see the physical benefits.

The core-focussed moves have flattened out our stomachs and given them a more subtle tone. The Pvolve Method has also helped to emphasize our curves and shape a little bit more—we’ll take that! Plus, after working in the office all day, it feels so good to stretch and open up your hips.

Pvolve Member Victoria S

The best cheerleaders

We can’t gush enough about the Pvolve trainers. Their energy is contagious, and they’re so supportive in helping us reach our goals. If we’re doing a live virtual class, we’ll keep our camera on for personal trainer-level guidance. And if we get a move wrong, they’ll call it out—but in a nice way. Plus, they’re all ridiculously friendly. We’ll chat on social media, and we’ve even met up in real life for brunch. We just hope that one day a studio opens in Miami!

A Pvolve session is such a mood boost—we leave each class feeling energized and happier. And honestly, it’s been a confidence boost too. Now when we get into our swimsuits, we’re proud to show off the results of our work!

5 of our Pvolve highlights

1. Discovering new ways to tone our core

Pvolve isn’t a normal ab workout—you won’t be doing crunches or lying on your back doing the bicycle move. Instead, the Method’s movements use exercises like standing ab workouts–and wow, they’re effective!

2. Strengthening our body for life

We’re young, so we’re not at the point where we’re worrying about our balance. But we know that the functional movement we’re practicing now is going to pay off throughout our lives. Even with simple movements, like lifting up a box and putting it on a shelf, we notice a difference in our posture.

3. Learning the sit 

It’s such a unique move. It’s not a squat, but it’s similar except you raise your arms up at the same time. It fires up the glutes, elongates your torso, and gives you an amazing stretch.

4. Finding a travel-friendly workout

We’re frequently on the go, so we’re so thankful that we can easily pack Pvolve’s equipment in our suitcase and exercise from our hotel rooms.

5. Feeling confident in a bikini

We’re in our swimsuits a lot (we live in Miami!) and thanks to Pvolve, we feel amazing in our bodies now. No other workout program has ever delivered toning results like this!

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