“Pvolve taught me how to move my body the right way” - Amanda M

After dealing with multiple exercise-induced injuries, Amanda M., 47, a doctor from Fishers, IN, turned to Pvolve for a lower-impact solution—but she didn’t expect the method to teach her so much about her own body. 

As a family medicine physician, I’m quick to notice when something in my body feels off. So when the cardio, dance, and weight-training workout videos I used to work out with started to become too much, I knew I needed to make a change. I was dealing with plantar fasciitis pain in my foot at the time, and these workouts only aggravated the condition. I also had tight hamstrings and lower back discomfort from running. It was time to find a new routine. 

After my sister told me about Pvolve, I found a few videos on YouTube and gave them a go. I felt the difference right away. It was as if the moves were building strength around my joints instead of wearing them down—and I loved that feeling.

Hello, muscles!

About six weeks into my new Pvolve routine, light bulbs started going off. I’m naturally a quads-dominant person, meaning that a lot of my power comes from my upper legs. But because Pvolve’s approach to functional fitness emphasizes glute strength and glute activation, muscles in my body that had essentially been sleeping through my previous workouts were waking up and turning on. For the first time in my life, I was properly using my glutes.

That new muscle activation made a difference outside of my workouts too. I found myself moving in a more intentional way—the way my body was designed to move. I even noticed a change in posture for everyday actions I usually wouldn’t think twice about, such as reaching down to pick something up or walking up and down the stairs.

An A+ team

These days, I do Pvolve’s at-home streaming and Live Virtual Studio workouts at least five days a week. Sometimes I pick my workout based on how much time I have or whether I want a cardio, strength, or recovery routine—but other days I choose based on the trainer. 

Each trainer brings their own superpower to Pvolve’s routines. If it’s a day when I want to push myself and go hard, I tend to choose a workout led by Maeve. If I want to be lifted up, I often turn to Kimmie. And for when I need a bit of calm, Celestine’s workouts help center me.

Road to recovery 

Looking back, I can see that my previous workouts were lacking balance, which led to injury. But with Pvolve, I listen to my body and practice mindfulness. Now that I’m no longer pushing myself through high-impact workouts, my plantar fasciitis has improved. 

I also used to deal with pelvic pain that would limit my mobility, but strengthening my core has helped improve my hip and pelvic stability. I don’t think I have ever had any other fitness instructor mention hip stability during a workout before, but it is discussed often during my Pvolve classes! 

Stronger, in so many ways

If I had to describe Pvolve in one word, it would be empowering—and not just because I feel physically stronger and more capable. It’s been an educational exercise too. The Method serves up tools and information that have helped me better understand my body's mechanics—I've found that to be invaluable!

This isn’t about working out just to hit a weight goal or fit in a pair of jeans. It’s a holistic approach to fitness that helps you live a healthier life, and I’m so grateful to have found it. 

Pvolve Member Amanda Morris Home Gym

5 of my Pvolve highlights

1. Discovering a routine that doesn’t destroy me

The workouts I used to do led to pain, including plantar fasciitis. But Pvolve feels good on my body. It’s more like prehab.

2. Learning how to use my glutes

Turns out, I had been going through life without activating them properly! I’m glad Pvolve taught me how to engage these important muscles. 

3. Protecting my future health

I have a family history of osteoporosis, but I’m hopeful that Pvolve’s focus on weight-bearing and resistance activities is helping to lower my risk.

4. Finding inspiration

The Pvolve trainers are so positive and uplifting, and they encourage us to show up as we are.

5. Gaining a better understanding of my own body

I’m a doctor, but Pvolve has given me a deep education about my body’s mechanics, which has done wonders for my everyday life. I just feel better!
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