• The Daily Commit: How to Optimize Your Space for At-Home Workouts

    The Daily Commit: How to Optimize Your Space for At-Home Workouts

    It's all in the details.
  • Pickleball court | P.volve

    13 Simple Exercises to Improve Your Pickleball Game

    Pickleball may not sound like the hottest trend in sports, but, trust us, it’s a strong contender, and these moves can help you up your game!
  • 4 P.volve Trainers Exercising | P.volve

    Why Exercise Is Crucial For Women in Menopause

    At the core of our menopause exercise plan is functional movement, which helps you move better in the world outside your workout, either by mimicking the movements you do in everyday activity, or by strengthening the muscles necessary to do them—and, often, by simultaneously sharpening your mind-to-muscle connection so you can move more freely and feel more open in your body all day, every day.
  • Woman sitting cross legged to meditate | P.volve

    How to Start Meditating

    One great way to practice mindfulness is with meditation. But calming your mind can be difficult at first. “Most of us spend our time keeping the mind busy, entertained, or distracted,” says mindfulness expert Jessica Li Phillips. “Meditation techniques help you become more curious about what your mind is actually doing as you settle down and get a little calmer and quieter.” 
  • Woman stretching on slant board | P.volve

    How to Strengthen Ankles and Improve Mobility

    Strengthen your ankles and feet and relieve every day pain with these movements. Learn more about improving ankle mobility and stability with P.volve.
  • Drink shaker with supplement Recover 9 | P.volve

    The Science Behind Our Recovery Supplement, Recover 9

    Recover 9 is sourced from best-in-class ingredients and manufacturers, plus it’s vegan, sugar-free, non-GMO, contains no artificial flavors, and is free of gluten and all major allergens. That means you’ll get everything you need to get back to your best performance without any unnecessary, hard-to-pronounce additives.  
  • Woman exercising her back | P.volve

    5 Exercises to Help Lower Back Pain

    When your back hurts, even everyday movement can feel impossible. And while you may have your own ways to get through the pain—heat, rest, medication, stretching—one way to prevent lower back pain is to strengthen your body, particularly your core.
  • Dr. Mary Kelis, Sugarberak and Maeve McEwan, Director of Programming at P.volve | P.volve

    Exercise and Blood Sugar: The Secret to Your Next Exercise Plan

    Learn about the link between exercise and blood sugar and insulin sensitivity and find out how to help your body better manage your levels with the Blood Sugar Series, created in partnership with Sugarbreak.
  • Three Moves to Strengthen Your Shoulders

    Three Moves to Strengthen Your Shoulders

    Working your upper body isn’t just about sculpted biceps and toned triceps; it’s about building proper mobility and strength so that your entire body...
  • Three Moves to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

    Three Moves to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

    Pelvic Floor Exercises - 3 Moves to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor  The pelvic floor is a bowl or sling-shaped group of skeletal muscles at...
  • P.volve Trainer Renee Settle In Abdominal Twist

    How P.volve Can Support You Throughout Menopause

    No matter your stage of life,there arechanges – physically, hormonally, or otherwise –thatcanleave you with questions.Figuring out what is happening in your body and how to adjust your routinesto account for these changes can be daunting.   
    Perhaps one of the biggest and most well-known changes in a woman’s life happensduring perimenopause and menopause, the time during which your body transitions to the end of your reproductive years. 
    Asmetabolismslowsand bone density beginsto decline, the P.volve Methodcan be especially helpful.

  • Ask the Experts: Movement, PMS, and PMDD

    Ask the Experts: Movement, PMS, and PMDD

    The more you start to work with your menstrual cycle, the more you’ll learn the ins and outs of each phase. Towards the end...