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The Secret to Staying In Shape All Year Long
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The Secret to Staying In Shape All Year Long

The body and brain naturally ebb and flow, alternating between extreme outputs of energy and periods of rest and recovery, constantly seeking a state of balance and productivity somewhere in the middle. I frequently refer to this as the body’s natural pendulum.

Your body sways back and forth between one physical or mental state to the other, whether it be retaining water, experiencing mood swings, regulating stress hormones, etc. On each end of this pendulum are opposite states of being, and your fitness is no exception. Fully being in tune with your body and it's natural pendulum can give you the power to maintain your energy and look and feel your best year round. 

The most apparent swing of the pendulum is with your energy. In the morning you swing one way, usually full of energy, and by the end of the day you’ve swung the other way and you couldn’t be more ready for bed. This is true with your mental energy capacity, your ability to manage stress, and it’s absolutely true when it comes to your fitness.

My mission with P.volve is to help my clients understand the tendencies of their own physical pendulum and, through my program, give them the tools to control the swing and gradually push it towards the end where our optimal health resides-- and more or less keep it there. 

Most fitness trends or drastic diet plans merely send your pendulum soaring in one direction. They often appear in the form of a restrictive diet, such as completely cutting carbs, or a rigorous workout routine of relentless cardio and HIIT that (let's be honest) feels more like punishment for your body than appreciation. This sudden intensity shocks your nervous system like an atomic bomb. Because the body is so brilliant, it reacts quickly to this systematic shock and gives you the impression that you’re achieving “results” as it adapts to the extreme change.

But herein lies the issue-- that quick shock to your system is like taking that pendulum and whipping it as hard as you can; the faster it moves and the bigger the swing, the less control you will have over it when it comes flying back the other direction.

Sure enough, so long as your heart beats your pendulum will swing. This is why I’m constantly seeing women follow a rigorous workout routine or strict diet plan with great initial results, and 6 months later they are no longer in as great a shape as they once were-- sometimes in even worse shape (not to mention the mental toll that takes!). I have been seeing this pattern for years not only with my clients, but with my friends and colleagues in the fitness industry. And I’ve been there-- suffering huge fluctuations, unable to maintain that perfect physique or at least something close to it, and not understanding what’s going wrong.

But now, I'm going to let you in on the secret and share with you how exactly I interact with this pendulum, and how I’ve learned to not only control but manipulate it. Call it my own version of “biohacking,” if you will.

The goal is to have complete control over how far that pendulum swings from right to left. Let’s say that all the way on the left side is your best possible shape, ideal weight, and your absolute leanest. On the right end, you are burnt out, inflamed, and overweight. The goal of P.volve is to decrease the range of the swing, keeping it more and more contained as you get deeper into the program. You will then shift that range in which you swing more towards the left, meaning your pendulum is now only alternating between your optimal shape and a strong, healthy body that’s only ever within 3-6 pounds of your ideal weight.

In other words, even when your body swings to the right, you’re still healthy and in great shape. Then, when your pendulum swings to left (as laws of physics dictates that it must), it only has a short ways to go to reach your absolute best. Again, this optimal state of being is only maintained for a short amount of time because your body is constantly in that ebb and flow. It’s only natural.

As you can see, it’s essential to control this pendulum as you go through your fitness journey. It will allow you to maintain great health even at times when you are not able to eat perfectly well or stay on track with your weekly workouts. This is the secret to create a continual progression that lasts for many years, if not your lifetime, and my clients have been able to completely transform their bodies because of this concept. Are they on their A+ game all year round? Absolutely not. But it’s never hard for them to achieve that condition when they never drop lower than their A-.

In my method, we push the boundaries of the body in a controlled manner, maintaining a constant forward momentum, and always respect the plateaus—they only signal that the pendulum is about to swing left once more!

Make this year's resolution one that sticks-- gain control of your body's natural pendulum and reach your full potential by committing to the P.volve method

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