“I'm getting the results I've always wanted” - Laura M.

Fed up with feeling sore from her workouts, Laura M., 53, hoped to get a low-impact (but still effective!) workout with Pvolve. The method didn’t disappoint.

When it comes to working out, I’ve tried it all, starting with Jane Fonda aerobics back in the ’80s. My exercise journey has led me to activities I love (cross-country skiing and hiking with my dog!). But I’ve also had my share of misses, like HIIT and CrossFit classes that left me sore and limping about. And even though the workouts were tough, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Instead, I just felt puffy.

Flash forward to May 2020. I had just turned 50 and I was ready for something that checked two boxes: gentle and effective. A Google search (“exercises that are nice on your body”) led me to the Pvolve Method, and I decided to give it a try. It was the early days of the pandemic—and I live in Minnesota—so an at-home class was my only option. Pressing play on that first workout was one of the best things I could do for my body.

The Class That Changed Everything 

There are multiple ways to experience Pvolve: in-person classes, live virtual studio workouts, and streaming classes. I started with the pre-recorded sessions. My first reaction was that the moves felt good. (Box #1, check!) But I'm the type of person who tends to slack off when exercising solo, and I knew I wasn’t giving 100%. I missed having real-time encouragement. I played roller derby for four years, so I do like to be pushed!

I decided to try a Live Virtual Studio class, where you can keep your camera on (if you choose to), allowing the instructors to watch your form and provide in-the-moment feedback. That’s when it all clicked.

Having a trainer’s eyes on me encouraged me to push myself a bit harder. It also made me realize that my form had been off. The trainers called that out (“Laura, rotate your ankle slightly to the left” or “Laura, raise your arms a little higher”). Once I nailed the technique, I discovered just how intense a Pvolve workout can be. Box #2, check! 

A Bone-Boosting Routine

I’m postmenopausal and already have osteoporosis, so I have to take my bone health into consideration when working out. I love the Progressive Weight Training series, which helps to build muscle and improve bone density—so important for women my age. And the fact that Pvolve trainers provide modifications for so many moves has made all the difference for me, because there are certain exercises that I just can’t physically do.

I used to feel like my workouts tore my body apart, but Pvolve is restorative. Whether my body needs strengthening, stretching, or something else, there’s a Pvolve workout that fits that need. And the equipment has helped me tap into muscles that were long ignored in my previous workouts. I remember using the P.ball for the first time and feeling my abs engage in a completely new way.

Strong for Life

Pvolve doesn’t stop once class ends; I keep the method in mind during everyday activities and when I’m exercising outdoors. During a recent cross-country skiing outing, for example, I focused on knitting in my ribcage and rolling my shoulders back (two cues I learned from these workouts). Those tweaks made me feel stronger than ever on my skis. Instead of relying on my legs to propel myself through the snow, now I was tapping into my core strength too.

These days, I do Pvolve about twice a week. I’m proud of the results! My arms are toned, my clothes fit better, and people compliment me on how fit I look. But it’s how I feel that matters most. Pvolve is a safe space for my body, and I’m so thankful to have found it.

Pvolve Member - Laura G

5 of my Pvolve highlights

1. Finally finding a feel-good workout

Pvolve trainers push you to be your best, but they never push you to do anything that could hurt you. I’m in my 50s and have orthopedic concerns, so that’s important for me!

2. Feeling the virtual community love

I may work out by myself at home, but I feed off the energy from the instructors and other members during each live virtual studio class.

3. Perfecting my form

Pvolve moves are different from your go-to gym exercises, but once you master the technique, you’ll feel—and see—the difference.

4. Using Pvolve moves outside of class

I tap into what I learn in class when I’m out cross-country skiing. It’s made me a stronger skier!

5. Newfound strength

I’ve been able to strengthen areas of my body where I used to have instabilities. It makes everyday tasks, like walking down the stairs, easier.
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