Welcome to Pvolve, Jennifer Aniston

We’re excited to share that Jennifer Aniston is officially a part of the Pvolve family! We’re still pinching ourselves as we welcome her to the team. Jen started as a member, and is now joining Pvolve as we enter our next chapter. We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with her.

Jennifer Aniston's Workout Routine with Pvolve

Jen’s love for Pvolve started in 2021 when she was recovering from a back injury. “I don’t feel like myself when I’m not able to workout,” says Aniston. “I had a friend who had already been doing Pvolve and not only did I notice her complete transformation - physically in her energy level - but she also explained that Pvolve is functional fitness that respects where your body is at and allows you to work around your current limitations.”

Aniston ordered the equipment, started streaming workouts at home, and “fell in love with the program and how it makes you work hard and delivers results…It’s completely different from anything I’d tried before and that’s what made me want to get involved with the company,” adds Aniston.

Fun fact: The P.band, P.ball, and P.3 Trainer are some of Aniston’s favorite pieces of equipment. She especially loves to incorporate pieces that work the core and arms. 

The Experts Behind the Method

Last year, Aniston added in-person training with Head Trainer, Dani Coleman. “I joined the Pvolve team in 2020, it’s always a thrill and so rewarding to see how the method impacts people’s lives, and Jen is no exception.” The method’s equal emphasis on results and longevity changed how Aniston thought about working out and led to a transformation of her relationship to fitness.

Science and expertise have always been at the center of the Pvolve Method, with a Clinical Advisory Board made up of medical doctors and experts in women’s health, kinesiology, biomechanics, physical therapy, and a roster of highly credentialed trainers. 

Aniston will add to our team of experts providing guidance on product development, programming strategy and marketing efforts to build greater brand awareness and make Pvolve a household name.

“I was blown away when I found out that Jennifer Aniston was a secret streamer and doing the workouts at home,” says Rachel Katzman, Founder of Pvolve. “The fact that someone so advanced in her fitness journey and with access to a world of options, fell in love with the Pvolve Method after experiencing its benefits, is a dream come true. I’m so excited to see what we do together.”

Get your equipment or visit a studio and get started with the method that changed Jen’s relationship to fitness today.

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