5 Reasons Why Functional Fitness Is the Workout You’ve Been Looking For

Decision fatigue—that mental overload and exhaustion that comes with having to make decision after decision, day after day—is real, so allow us to take something off your to-decide list. The next time you’re wondering which workout you should choose, opt for functional training 

 Sure, there are a number of other workouts competing for your attention (CrossFit! Yoga! Running! Spinning!), but you can reach all of your exercise and wellness goals through functional fitness, such as Pvolve’s on-demand and live virtual workouts. Even better, you won’t have to worry about juggling a cross-training schedule or debating if you’re in the mood for cardio or strength today. Read on to discover five reasons why functional fitness is the only type of workout you need in your life.  

1. You’ll get more out of a single workout

Forget the idea of “legs day” and “arms day” where your workout moves only one area of the body—and only that. Functional exercise is whole-body movement. Instead of focusing on one move that isolates a single muscle (a bicep curl or triceps extension, for example), functional movement calls multiple muscles into play. This makes for a more efficient workout that targets and tones from head to toe.  

2. You’ll work with your body’s natural biomechanics

Functional training differs from certain other workouts in that it mimics the multi-dimensional, full-body movements used in real life, such as squatting down and scooping up your toddler or pushing a heavy cart through the store. And by building this mind-to-muscle connection, you’ll train your body and brain to move through those activities in the way that it was designed to—both during your workout and once your functional training class wraps.  

3. You’ll see—and feel—real results

When you properly activate your muscles through functional training, you’ll experience remarkable changes in your body. But while the Pvolve Method is known for delivering sculpted, lifted results, that’s just the beginning of the benefits. You’ll also notice that your strength and posture improves and that you move with increased energy, ease, and mobility in your day-to-day activities, whether hiking with friends or carrying groceries in from the car.  

4. Forget over-the-top soreness

Unlike workouts that push you to go faster, further, heavier (looking at you, CrossFit), functional training is gentle on your joints and body while still being effective and, yes, challenging. In other words, you won’t need to take time off to ice a sore knee or recover from an overly strenuous, exhausting routine. And because Pvolve provides such an emphasis on working with your natural biomechanics, our functional fitness workouts sculpt with less wear and tear and may help with injury prevention.  

5. You’ll stave off boredom

Endless reps of the same move or repeated laps around the track may work for some people, but if you find that tedious, Pvolve’s functional training classes can help nix that “ugh—not this again” feeling. The high-energy classes feature a variety of different moves to keep you engaged, and because the expert instructors emphasize paying attention to your form and how your body feels, your mind won’t even have the chance to zone out. It’s feel-good, fun movement that you’ll want to stick with—which is exactly what you need to help make exercising a habit. 

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