“We finally got the toned results we dreamed of” - Olivia & Victoria S

Twins Olivia and Victoria S.,30, of Miami, FL are very family-oriented, so it’s no surprise that they do Pvolve together. Victoria discovered the Method first, and Olivia quickly joined her. After experiencing body-changing results, they can’t imagine not having the Method in their lives. We live very social, active lives in Miami, and we’re always looking for ways to stay in shape. We played volleyball and tennis growing up, and as adults we’ve tried multiple different workouts and classes, from running and yoga to cycling and boot camp-style classes. We sweated our booties off and ran what felt like a million miles on treadmills, but we still weren’t completely satisfied with the results.  We’re both naturally slim, so weight loss has never been a concern, but we did want to find that unicorn of a workout that tones, strengthens, and elongates you. We’re in our swimsuits a lot, so we wanted to feel and look good! Finding “the one” We noticed that a friend of ours was seeing amazing results—her body looked incredible—so when she shared that Pvolve was her secret for her defined muscle, Victoria knew she had to give it a go. She started streaming the workouts in the living room during the pandemic, but Olivia wasn’t convinced. She thought that the moves, like internal and external rotations, seemed strange compared to the workouts we were used to. But once Victoria started to get the results we’d been longing for, we were both on board! We started doing Pvolve every morning together for 30 minutes, and we haven’t looked back. We took to the workout pretty quickly, maybe because of our exercise background, but it did take a bit of practice to get accustomed to some of the moves, especially the ones that require balance. Thankfully, the Pvolve trainers are amazing at walking you through the movements, so we quickly started to feel comfortable. On the go We travel a lot, and Olivia especially is always on the move, since her boyfriend lives in New York City. Finding a workout that we could travel with was important to us and Pvolve fit that requirement perfectly. You can do the live and on-demand classes wherever you are since you don’t need a large space to work out, and the equipment is so easy to pack in your carry-on. We’ll take a few pieces, like the P.band or light ankle weights with us, and exercise from our hotel room or even on Olivia’s boyfriend’s balcony. This has raised some eyebrows with TSA! They’ll question us about the gear, but we’re more than happy to spread the word and let more people know about Pvolve. Results we’d dreamed about Like we had hoped, Pvolve’s functional movements help lift and lengthen in a way that we haven’t experienced with any other workout. From our arms to our glutes, we feel tighter and stronger. It didn’t happen overnight, but after about five months of consistently working out (we’ll typically do Pvolve every other day), we started to see the physical benefits. The core-focussed moves have flattened out our stomachs and given them a more subtle tone. The Pvolve Method has also helped to emphasize our curves and shape a little bit more—we’ll take that! Plus, after working in the office all day, it feels so good to stretch and open up your hips. The best cheerleaders We can’t gush enough about the Pvolve trainers. Their energy is contagious, and they’re so supportive in helping us reach our goals. If we’re doing a live virtual class, we’ll keep our camera on for personal trainer-level guidance. And if we get a move wrong, they’ll call it out—but in a nice way. Plus, they’re all ridiculously friendly. We’ll chat on social media, and we’ve even met up in real life for brunch. We just hope that one day a studio opens in Miami! A Pvolve session is such a mood boost—we leave each class feeling energized and happier. And honestly, it’s been a confidence boost too. Now when we get into our swimsuits, we’re proud to show off the results of our work! 5 of our Pvolve highlights 1. Discovering new ways to tone our core Pvolve isn’t a normal ab workout—you won’t be doing crunches or lying on your back doing the bicycle move. Instead, the Method’s movements use exercises like standing ab workouts–and wow, they’re effective! 2. Strengthening our body for life We’re young, so we’re not at the point where we’re worrying about our balance. But we know that the functional movement we’re practicing now is going to pay off throughout our lives. Even with simple movements, like lifting up a box and putting it on a shelf, we notice a difference in our posture. 3. Learning the sit  It’s such a unique move. It’s not a squat, but it’s similar except you raise your arms up at the same time. It fires up the glutes, elongates your torso, and gives you an amazing stretch. 4. Finding a travel-friendly workout We’re frequently on the go, so we’re so thankful that we can easily pack Pvolve’s equipment in our suitcase and exercise from our hotel rooms. 5. Feeling confident in a bikini We’re in our swimsuits a lot (we live in Miami!) and thanks to Pvolve, we feel amazing in our bodies now. No other workout program has ever delivered toning results like this!

How I Pvolve: Travel-Friendly Workouts for Summer Vacation

Claudia Pfau is a marketing consultant, content creator, longtime Pvolve member, and the co-founder of Minded Society. When she isn't dreaming up marketing campaigns or hosting Zoom parties, you can find her traveling the world with her husband, trying all the latest wellness trends, or taking her favorite ballet class. Claudia shares everything you need to know about her favorite travel workouts below. My Favorite Travel Workout I never thought I’d be one to work out on vacation, but here I am, 5 years (and hundreds of workouts) into my Pvolve journey, and I just can’t get enough. My husband and I love to travel, so I’m often out of sync with my home routine – especially in the summer! But for a creature of habit like me who loves to start her day with a quick morning workout, it’s essential to have a travel-friendly program I can rely on, even while on vacation.  Pvolve’s functional strength training workouts not only help my body feel strong and lengthened, but they keep my mind happy and energized without having to sacrifice precious vacation time. No matter where I am in the world – a hotel room, boat, beach, mountain, you name it – I love that I can easily and quickly incorporate functional movement into my day. I just pack a few pieces of Pvolve equipment, load up my on-demand library, and pick a quick workout routine that fits into my travel schedule. Best workout equipment for travel As much as I love to overpack, I’ve had some unfortunate run-ins with missing luggage over the years, which means I’m a carry-on girly for life now. So when it comes to packing Pvolve equipment, I have to be strategic with both size and weight. My 3 go-to pieces of equipment for travel: P.band — perfect for a quick arm workout Heavy Ankle Band — keeps my booty in check P.3 Trainer (I pack one ankle cuff, the shorter band, and the handle) — amazing for full-body movement. All three pieces are light and compact, making them super easy to pack. All I do is stuff them either in my shoes or purses or even in my backpack if the space in my carry-on is tight. And there are tons of incredible workouts that require no equipment at all and are just as effective as the rest. My favorite travel-friendly workouts I love that Pvolve has an entire Travel-Friendly selection of workouts along with the On-The-Go Series for travel lovers like me. It makes picking my workouts so much easier. While on vacation, I try to sneak in 3 workouts a week that are 30 minutes or less and target a couple of muscle groups at once. It’s all about efficiency! I typically look for functional core workouts, low-impact leg workouts, and quick ab and arm workouts. Major plus if these are mostly standing because I don’t always have a mat with me! If you have access to a hotel gym, I’d also recommend doing a quick Progressive Weight Training workout like this one with Maeve. Not only are these workouts equal parts fun and challenging, but they leave me feeling strong, stretched out, and ready for the day in less than 30 minutes.   How I workout while traveling Tbh, I’m not perfect by any means when it comes to working out while traveling. But the one thing that motivates me the most is how much better my mental health is after a quick sweat sesh.  Of course, the physical results are wonderful too. Hello, toned muscles! But what I really focus on is how beneficial the Pvolve Method is for my overall mood and well-being. I’m a totally different person when I make time for myself in the morning with movement that brings me joy. And it makes my travel experience that much better. (Along with some much-needed rest days!) A few things that help keep me on track: Packing equipment - if I bring it, I might as well use it! Picking my workout the night before Working out first thing in the morning Scheduling a 30-minute Live Virtual Studio class if it fits into my schedule I’m beyond grateful I found Pvolve 5 years ago, and I’m even more grateful that this program easily fits into my on-the-go lifestyle. Hopefully, you’ll find me Pvolving all over the world for years to come.

“With Pvolve, I’ll never reach a workout plateau again” - Deidra G

For Deidra G., 55, Pvolve started as a way to fill in a gap in her workout schedule, but three years later, she can’t imagine her life without the method—or the results it delivers.  I’ve never had trouble finding ways to be active. Whether I was running, skiing, hiking, or going to the gym, I have always made working out a priority. But when the pandemic happened, even the hiking trails near me in Los Angeles closed. For the first time, I found myself searching for ways to stay fit.  Then, I came across an ad for Pvolve online one day. The movements looked interesting and completely different from any other exercise I had tried, and since the classes were online, I could work out at home. Better yet, they were offering a discount for medical care workers (I work in radiology). I decided to go all in, and invested in a starter package that included hand weights, ankle bands, and the P.ball.  Healthy movement  I began with routines that focused on Pvolve’s foundational moves, and was impressed that the workouts helped improve strength, mobility, and flexibility. None of my other workouts ever touched on all three!   I was also pleased to learn that Pvolve’s exercises focus on strengthening the pelvic floor. At work, I often see patients who are dealing with pelvic floor issues, so I understand how important it is not to neglect it.  Contagious energy  Once I was ready, I challenged myself with some of the more advanced online classes and Dani Coleman quickly become one of my favorite trainers. Her energy is amazing! Then, when the West Hollywood studio opened up not too far away from where I lived, I decided to try an in-person class.   I couldn’t believe it when I saw Dani leading the class! I enjoyed her in-person workout even more than the ones I tried at home. She is so good at pushing you and suggesting little tweaks that take your workout to the next level. I left class drenched in sweat and feeling totally invigorated. That’s the moment I realized I never wanted to stop doing Pvolve.    A new level of fitness  These days, I make time for some of my other favorite workouts, like running, but Pvolve is my number one. I go to a studio class about six times a month, and have never felt stronger.   From my arms to my core to my glutes, I see more tone and definition—and considering the compliments I get, other people must as well. I credit some of this to the fact that Pvolve’s routines fire up muscles in my body that were previously ignored with my other workouts.  Not only does this added strength give me extra power and stability when I run or ski, but it’s also helped at work. My job is physically demanding—there’s a lot of twisting, turning, and reaching over patients—and over the years, it’s taken a toll on my body. But Pvolve’s functional fitness routines have taught me how to move in a more  mindful way that works with my body instead of against it.   Studio love  I recently moved to another neighborhood in Los Angeles, and my first thought was, “am I still going to be able to make it to the Pvolve studio?” But the answer was 100% yes. I love and need this workout, and it’s absolutely worth the 40-minute drive from my new home to the studio. I truly never regret going.  Whether I’m taking a class with Dani or another trainer, the energy is unbeatable and the encouragement I get motivates me to push myself a little bit more each time. With other workouts, I’ve often experienced plateaus or found that the moves become less challenging over time, but that’s never the case with Pvolve. There’s always a new goal to reach and new moves to master, and even three years later, I feel the same way I did after my first studio class: I never want to stop doing this workout!  5 of my Pvolve highlights 1. Finding my balance I was so intimidated by using the Slant Board at first, but balance is so important—especially as we get older—so I kept at it. Now the Slant Board is one of my favorite pieces of Pvolve equipment!   2. Improving my running Pvolve has helped me excel at other workouts, too—especially running. My legs are stronger than they have ever been.  3. Discovering new faves I love the Pvolve merch! Equipment, tees, sweatshirts, I have it all. And after a sweaty session, I like to replenish with Pvolve’s Recover 9 supplement.  4. Strengthening everything Because I work in the medical field, I often see patients who are dealing with pelvic floor issues. So I was thrilled to find out that the Pvolve Method targets and strengthens this often ignored area of the body.  5. Going the distance I don’t think twice about driving 40 minutes to the closest Pvolve studio. Nothing could replace these workouts—or the energy and motivation—that the trainers bring to class.    

“My best gains aren’t the ones you can see” - Paige A

After years of working out for aesthetic reasons, Paige A., 24, was introduced to Pvolve and experienced a transformational shift in her exercise mindset. I’m not one to sit still. Physically and mentally, I’m extremely restless. As a kid growing up in Florida, I rode horses competitively, danced for school, and was involved in other activities that got me outside. And during my college years in Nashville, you could often find me working out at the gym with my roommate. After graduating, I relocated to New York City for work. The move took some adjustment. Because I don’t have a car, I wasn’t able to get out of the city to find ways to get active and sweat away stress. I felt extremely isolated, and thought that maybe I wasn’t cut out to live in New York. Then I stumbled upon Pvolve on the ClassPass app—and it changed everything. Making new moves My first class was at Pvolve’s Soho studio with Mel. The room was packed and full of energy, but when I heard Mel toss out Pvolve terminology (“internal rotation,” external rotation,” “stagger”), I thought I’d never be able to follow along. I was accustomed to taking classes where instructors called out moves without much explanation, forcing me to look around and attempt to mirror other people in order to keep up. Pvolve was nothing like that. Mel took the time to walk around the class, correct form in an encouraging way, and offer tips on how to get more out of a move. I wouldn’t say that I perfected my internal and external rotations that day, but I started to get the hang of the method! At the end of my first week, I knew I had to get a membership. Discovering my core I became a regular at the Soho studio, and quickly learned that I had been going about strength training the wrong way. Before Pvolve, I relied mostly on my legs and arms to power my workouts, and I thought that by wearing out the muscles I used the most, I could build strength and stamina. Pvolve taught me that strengthening my whole body allows me to use every muscle more effectively—and all of that starts by tapping into my core muscles. Now when I go to lift something heavy, for example, I make sure that the motion originates from my core. When my mind and core work together, I can truly do so much. I surprise myself with my own strength! Adopting a new workout “why” When I exercised at the gym during college, the focus was always on how I looked. To be honest, I never enjoyed those workouts, and they didn’t feel great on my body either. But I thought that was what I had to go through in order to get a “summer body” (whatever that is). But near the beginning of my Pvolve journey, a trainer asked me what my goals were, and that question helped shift the way I think about my workouts. It made me consider what else I could aspire to, like being able to improve my balance or pushing myself a little bit harder. Of course, I’m still proud of my new muscles, but I no longer judge my progress by what I see in the mirror. Instead, I aim to do a little bit better than I did the day before. It’s been a transformational mindset shift, and I’m proud of that!   Finding a home away from home These days, I try to go to a Pvolve class seven days a week, and each time, I’m so happy to be there. If I start my morning at the studio, I know it's going to be an amazing day, and if I end my day at the studio, I know I’ll go to sleep feeling so accomplished. I leave feeling a million times better than when I came in—every time. It’s wild to think that a year ago, I was convinced I was ready to leave New York City and move back to Nashville. Pvolve—and the studio community—gave me a reason to stay. From the trainers to the other students, everyone is so supportive. We cheer each other on as we work toward our fitness goals, and celebrate wins and highlights outside of the studio, like birthdays, promotions, and engagements. I’m part of a community, not just another membership number at a gym, and I truly feel lucky to know and work out with this one-of-a-kind group of people. 5 of my Pvolve highlights 1. Feeling challenged, every time Each Pvolve class provides another way to push myself and work on my strength and mobility. The workouts are always evolving, which means I never peak or get bored. 2. Discovering nonstop support The Pvolve trainers are with me every single step of the way and are dedicated to supporting my goals and helping me achieve them. 3. Focusing on me—and only me I no longer look around the room and compare myself to others or worry about what I look like to other people. Instead, I’m laser focussed on my own progress and how I can push myself a bit more than I did the day before. 4. Learning how to use my core Pvolve taught me how to pull strength and stability from different parts of my body, including my core muscles. I remember the first time I saw this pay off when completing a challenging balance exercise—it was so cool! 5. Ditching my “summer body” mindset I used to exercise for aesthetic reasons, but Pvolve helped me realize there’s so much more to working out than what I see in the mirror.

“Pvolve helps me live a stronger, more fulfilling life”- Nicolette C

Nicolette C. knows that getting older doesn’t have to mean losing your strength. At 69, she’s achieving new workout goals—and inspiring others along the way. I’ll blow out 70 candles on my next birthday cake, so for me, exercise is about so much more than getting in shape for a selfie. I work out to strengthen my body so that I can continue to live an active, independent life. When a former barre instructor pointed me to Pvolve, I was intrigued by their approach to functional movement. The exercises promised to work with my body instead of against it to help improve mobility. It sounded just like what I needed. Now, almost three years after my first class, I’m proof that the method works. Yes, I have muscle definition that wasn’t there before, but it’s what you can’t see that I want to talk about. Because to me, that’s what matters most. Slow, but Steady, Progress I’ve been a member of my local Los Angeles Pvolve studio since the summer of 2020. Classes looked a lot different back then: We were outside, masked, and socially distanced. I’ll admit that my first class was a bit intimidating! I didn’t recognize any of the equipment (turns out, it’s unique to Pvolve) and the moves felt foreign to me. I remember performing an exercise with the P.band and barely being able to pull the resistance band apart. But I’m no quitter! My amazing trainer, Dani Coleman, showed me how to use the gear and adjusted my form, whether that meant shifting my weight or sinking back deeper into my hips. I was struck by the fact that in order to do Pvolve workouts correctly, you have to pay sharp attention to how your body is positioned. That intense focus helped shut everything else out of my mind. Still to this day, when I’m doing Pvolve, it’s all I’m thinking about. It’s the ultimate “me time.” Real-World Results Nine months after my first class, I remember using the P.band and realizing that I was pulling it apart with no problem. I just felt so much stronger in my body. But it’s what happened outside the studio that showed me how effective the Pvolve Method is. If you’re older like I am, you know that something as simple as reaching behind you in the car to grab your purse off the backseat or tripping over a crack in the sidewalk can leave you seriously injured. That’s why I appreciate that the moves I do during Pvolve enhance my everyday life by improving balance, mobility, flexibility, and more. Now if I'm walking on uneven ground, reaching for something, or standing on my tiptoes, I feel confident in my body's ability to perform that task. Feeling strong in my body also means that I get to spend more time doing one of the activities I love most: gardening. All of that crouching, bending over, and digging used to leave me feeling sore. Regularly working out with Pvolve has helped me build my strength and stamina, making it more enjoyable to spend hours outdoors tending to my flowers and plants.   Spreading the Word These days, I go to Pvolve at least three times a week, and each time, it’s a new challenge. That’s what I love about the workout. Just when you think you’ve mastered a move, an, additional tweak can be added to make the exercise more difficult and push you to yet another level—but in a doableway. It’s so rewarding, and I never feel bored! That consistency and dedication pays off. I feel proud that I can do twice as much as some of the newer members who are decades younger than I am. And I want everyone to know that you can never be “too old” to do Pvolve. It benefits everyone. And when you’re my age, those benefits can truly change your life. 5 of my Pvolve highlights 1. Inspiring my generation I’ve encouraged other older women to become Pvolve members. I love helping people realize that working out has no age limit. 2. Improving my mobility This is so important at my age! Everything I do in the Pvolve studio enhances my ability to move and function in the real world. 3. Surprising myself with my own strength I continue to be amazed at what my body can do, like planks! I could never do them before. 4. Giving it my all You can’t give 50%. The Method requires total focus. I love that. It forces me to pay attention to me—not what the woman next to me is doing. 5. Spending more time gardening Now that I’m stronger and have more stamina, I’m able to dedicate more time to my beautiful flowers.

“Pvolve taught me how to move my body the right way” - Amanda M

After dealing with multiple exercise-induced injuries, Amanda M., 47, a doctor from Fishers, IN, turned to Pvolve for a lower-impact solution—but she didn’t expect the method to teach her so much about her own body.  As a family medicine physician, I’m quick to notice when something in my body feels off. So when the cardio, dance, and weight-training workout videos I used to work out with started to become too much, I knew I needed to make a change. I was dealing with plantar fasciitis pain in my foot at the time, and these workouts only aggravated the condition. I also had tight hamstrings and lower back discomfort from running. It was time to find a new routine.  After my sister told me about Pvolve, I found a few videos on YouTube and gave them a go. I felt the difference right away. It was as if the moves were building strength around my joints instead of wearing them down—and I loved that feeling. Hello, muscles! About six weeks into my new Pvolve routine, light bulbs started going off. I’m naturally a quads-dominant person, meaning that a lot of my power comes from my upper legs. But because Pvolve’s approach to functional fitness emphasizes glute strength and glute activation, muscles in my body that had essentially been sleeping through my previous workouts were waking up and turning on. For the first time in my life, I was properly using my glutes. That new muscle activation made a difference outside of my workouts too. I found myself moving in a more intentional way—the way my body was designed to move. I even noticed a change in posture for everyday actions I usually wouldn’t think twice about, such as reaching down to pick something up or walking up and down the stairs. An A+ team These days, I do Pvolve’s at-home streaming and Live Virtual Studio workouts at least five days a week. Sometimes I pick my workout based on how much time I have or whether I want a cardio, strength, or recovery routine—but other days I choose based on the trainer.  Each trainer brings their own superpower to Pvolve’s routines. If it’s a day when I want to push myself and go hard, I tend to choose a workout led by Maeve. If I want to be lifted up, I often turn to Kimmie. And for when I need a bit of calm, Celestine’s workouts help center me. Road to recovery  Looking back, I can see that my previous workouts were lacking balance, which led to injury. But with Pvolve, I listen to my body and practice mindfulness. Now that I’m no longer pushing myself through high-impact workouts, my plantar fasciitis has improved.  I also used to deal with pelvic pain that would limit my mobility, but strengthening my core has helped improve my hip and pelvic stability. I don’t think I have ever had any other fitness instructor mention hip stability during a workout before, but it is discussed often during my Pvolve classes!  Stronger, in so many ways If I had to describe Pvolve in one word, it would be empowering—and not just because I feel physically stronger and more capable. It’s been an educational exercise too. The Method serves up tools and information that have helped me better understand my body's mechanics—I've found that to be invaluable! This isn’t about working out just to hit a weight goal or fit in a pair of jeans. It’s a holistic approach to fitness that helps you live a healthier life, and I’m so grateful to have found it.  5 of my Pvolve highlights 1. Discovering a routine that doesn’t destroy me The workouts I used to do led to pain, including plantar fasciitis. But Pvolve feels good on my body. It’s more like prehab. 2. Learning how to use my glutes Turns out, I had been going through life without activating them properly! I’m glad Pvolve taught me how to engage these important muscles.  3. Protecting my future health I have a family history of osteoporosis, but I’m hopeful that Pvolve’s focus on weight-bearing and resistance activities is helping to lower my risk. 4. Finding inspiration The Pvolve trainers are so positive and uplifting, and they encourage us to show up as we are. 5. Gaining a better understanding of my own body I’m a doctor, but Pvolve has given me a deep education about my body’s mechanics, which has done wonders for my everyday life. I just feel better!

“I tried every workout under the sun—Pvolve is the only one I’ve stuck with” - Anicia A

Anicia A., 32, of New York City was physically burnt out from a rotating list of high-intensity workouts and a demanding job, but Pvolve helped her rethink her relationship to exercise. Before I found Pvolve, I believed that if a workout didn’t leave me feeling totally exhausted, it wasn’t worth my time. That mentality did a number on my body. I pushed myself through endless HIIT classes, bootcamps, marathon training, cycling classes, treadmill classes—you name it, I’ve tried it. I was already dealing with some health issues and inflammation, and my body didn’t react well to the high-impact workouts. I would leave classes feeling sore and burnt out. It didn’t help that, as a personal chef and owner of a kids’ meal delivery service, I have a very physically demanding job. I’m on my feet most of the day, and the motions used while cooking were leading to pain and repetitive use injuries. It was time for a change. Branching Out A friend of mine suggested that I attend a Pvolve class with her. She showed me a streaming video, and at first, I was skeptical. It was so different from the workouts I was accustomed to. But I gave it a shot. I took my first class with Melanie at the New York City studio and was hooked right away. The music was great, Melanie’s motivating energy was contagious, and the moves worked my body without straining it—a first for me!   But even though the workout wasn’t high-impact, it was still intense. I couldn’t believe how much resistance the Pvolve equipment, like the ankle weights and P.3 Trainer, added to the moves! They challenge everything: your core, legs, glutes, arms…it’s not easy. Feeling Better Every Day Around the same time as starting Pvolve, I tweaked my diet slightly. My body seemed to love the changes, especially the fact that I had cut back on high-impact workouts. I lost some weight, started sleeping better, and even experienced positive health changes. Something that surprised me was how the method paid off outside of the studio too. Pvolve’s focus on functional fitness taught me how to move in ways that work with my body instead of against it, and that completely changed how I move about during my workday. Now if I’m standing chopping vegetables for a long stretch of time, for example, I’m mindful about the way my shoulders and hips are positioned. Or when I squat down to take pots and pans out of a cabinet, I make sure to engage the appropriate muscles. I think this new mind-to-muscle connection has helped take a lot of stress off my body! Finding a Home Away from Home These days, I take a studio class five or six times a week, and each time, I look forward to it. Pvolve is the answer to everything! Bad day? Take a Pvolve class. Good day? Make it better with a Pvolve class. The community is truly the best and the staff has become my second family. I’ve completely given up my high-impact workouts. In fact, the only other physical activity I do outside of Pvolve is walking. And my body continues to thank me for the switch every day. I’m stronger, have better mobility and balance, and I just feel so much better. And when I wrap up a workout, I’m energized instead of exhausted. It’s like I’ve given my body exactly what it needed. Pre-Pvolve me would have never believed that was possible!   5 of my Pvolve highlights 1. Discovering what my body needs I used to do a lot of high-impact workouts, and my body didn’t respond well. Pvolve showed me that low-impact can still mean high-intensity. 2. Finding a supportive community I’ve met amazing people through Pvolve. The staff are like a second family to me. 3. Embracing mindful movement I’m a chef, which can be a physically demanding job. Thanks to Pvolve, I tap into what I’ve learned about functional movement to take stress off my body while working in the kitchen. 4. Changing my tune about planks Yes, they’re brutal, but I’ve learned to love them. They’re super helpful and help to break up the class! 5. Enjoying an energy boost I walk out of Pvolve classes feeling refreshed and invigorated—not exhausted and overworked.

“After an injury that left me on the sidelines, I’m stronger than ever”- Bridget G

Bridget G., 31, of Brooklyn, NY worried that a hip injury could limit her workout options, but she found everything she needed to stay in shape with Pvolve. Before I came across Pvolve, I thought I might never be able to do workout classes again. I was in the process of recovering from a hip injury I got from cardio kickboxing, and the pain was bad. Some days, it was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t even sit down in a chair. It took a year of seeing my physical therapist and chiropractor twice a week to get to the point where exercising was even an option. I’m a very active person, so I was more than ready to work up a sweat again. But my doctors said that I needed to stay away from high-impact workouts to avoid reinjuring my hip. I didn’t know if I’d ever find a routine that was both doc-approved and physically challenging. Then, while searching through the ClassPass app, I discovered Pvolve. The Workout I Was Searching For Pvolve is a high-intensity routine but it’s also low-impact, so it got the green light from my doctors. But would it give me the workout I wanted? I took my first class in July 2022 at the New York City studio, and the answer was a resounding “yes.” That class with Melanie sold me on the method. I quickly noticed how much it challenged my core, which was fantastic, since my doctors said I needed to strengthen this area in order to lessen my chance of reinjuring my hip.   I also loved the use of the Pvolve equipment—those gadgets may look unassuming, but trust me, they will humble you. But what stood out most of all was that the moves, especially the internal and external rotations that Pvolve is known for, were gentle on my hip. I was thrilled! A Fan for Life After that first class, I started going to Pvolve a lot—I’m talking three to four times a week. And even with that frequency, my hip didn’t suffer. If anything, the exercises were improving my hip mobility. Now, I honestly can’t get enough and attend a Pvolve class almost every day of the week. I jump out of bed for my 7 a.m. classes during the work week and celebrate the weekends with a Saturday and Sunday class. I started telling everyone I could about the classes, and recruited friends and family to go with me. Having them there is amazing, but it’s just icing on the cake, since I’ve always got my Pvolve family. From the employees at the front desk to the trainers, the Pvolve community is incredibly welcoming and supportive. I wish everyone could experience this level of cheerleading.  Always a Challenge You’d think that with my very active Pvolve status, the classes wouldn’t hold many surprises anymore—not true! The amazing thing about the Pvolve Method is that it continues to challenge you in each class. Just when I think I’ve mastered something, I add a little more resistance or modify a move slightly and—bam!—I have a new goal to work toward. Now, nine months into my Pvolve routine, I’m enjoying major changes in my fitness. My strength has improved, especially in my core, my arms are toned, and my balance—which was seriously shaky when I started—is notably better. And I’m happy to report that I haven’t thought about my hip in ages! I’m so glad that my injury didn’t hold me back from trying something new. I can’t imagine my life without Pvolve in it.  5 of my Pvolve highlights 1. Discovering a hip-friendly routine A hip injury left me worried that I may never be able to do workout classes again, so I was thrilled to find Pvolve’s low-impact classes. 2. Getting excited for every class I go to the Pvolve studio almost every day of the week (seriously!) and each time, I’m so excited for class to begin. 3. Seeing new definition My arms are more toned than ever, and I thank the P.band for much of that. People underestimate it, thinking it’s just a resistance band, but it will humble you. 4. Experiencing non-physical changes It’s not all about the toning! I feel more energetic since starting Pvolve, and my mood is just better. 5. Continuing to grow Even though I go to so many classes, Pvolve continues to physically challenge me. I always have a new goal to work toward, so I never get bored.

“I'm getting the results I've always wanted” - Laura M.

Fed up with feeling sore from her workouts, Laura M., 53, hoped to get a low-impact (but still effective!) workout with Pvolve. The method didn’t disappoint. When it comes to working out, I’ve tried it all, starting with Jane Fonda aerobics back in the ’80s. My exercise journey has led me to activities I love (cross-country skiing and hiking with my dog!). But I’ve also had my share of misses, like HIIT and CrossFit classes that left me sore and limping about. And even though the workouts were tough, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Instead, I just felt puffy. Flash forward to May 2020. I had just turned 50 and I was ready for something that checked two boxes: gentle and effective. A Google search (“exercises that are nice on your body”) led me to the Pvolve Method, and I decided to give it a try. It was the early days of the pandemic—and I live in Minnesota—so an at-home class was my only option. Pressing play on that first workout was one of the best things I could do for my body. The Class That Changed Everything  There are multiple ways to experience Pvolve: in-person classes, live virtual studio workouts, and streaming classes. I started with the pre-recorded sessions. My first reaction was that the moves felt good. (Box #1, check!) But I'm the type of person who tends to slack off when exercising solo, and I knew I wasn’t giving 100%. I missed having real-time encouragement. I played roller derby for four years, so I do like to be pushed! I decided to try a Live Virtual Studio class, where you can keep your camera on (if you choose to), allowing the instructors to watch your form and provide in-the-moment feedback. That’s when it all clicked. Having a trainer’s eyes on me encouraged me to push myself a bit harder. It also made me realize that my form had been off. The trainers called that out (“Laura, rotate your ankle slightly to the left” or “Laura, raise your arms a little higher”). Once I nailed the technique, I discovered just how intense a Pvolve workout can be. Box #2, check!  A Bone-Boosting Routine I’m postmenopausal and already have osteoporosis, so I have to take my bone health into consideration when working out. I love the Progressive Weight Training series, which helps to build muscle and improve bone density—so important for women my age. And the fact that Pvolve trainers provide modifications for so many moves has made all the difference for me, because there are certain exercises that I just can’t physically do. I used to feel like my workouts tore my body apart, but Pvolve is restorative. Whether my body needs strengthening, stretching, or something else, there’s a Pvolve workout that fits that need. And the equipment has helped me tap into muscles that were long ignored in my previous workouts. I remember using the P.ball for the first time and feeling my abs engage in a completely new way. Strong for Life Pvolve doesn’t stop once class ends; I keep the method in mind during everyday activities and when I’m exercising outdoors. During a recent cross-country skiing outing, for example, I focused on knitting in my ribcage and rolling my shoulders back (two cues I learned from these workouts). Those tweaks made me feel stronger than ever on my skis. Instead of relying on my legs to propel myself through the snow, now I was tapping into my core strength too. These days, I do Pvolve about twice a week. I’m proud of the results! My arms are toned, my clothes fit better, and people compliment me on how fit I look. But it’s how I feel that matters most. Pvolve is a safe space for my body, and I’m so thankful to have found it. 5 of my Pvolve highlights 1. Finally finding a feel-good workout Pvolve trainers push you to be your best, but they never push you to do anything that could hurt you. I’m in my 50s and have orthopedic concerns, so that’s important for me! 2. Feeling the virtual community love I may work out by myself at home, but I feed off the energy from the instructors and other members during each live virtual studio class. 3. Perfecting my form Pvolve moves are different from your go-to gym exercises, but once you master the technique, you’ll feel—and see—the difference. 4. Using Pvolve moves outside of class I tap into what I learn in class when I’m out cross-country skiing. It’s made me a stronger skier! 5. Newfound strength I’ve been able to strengthen areas of my body where I used to have instabilities. It makes everyday tasks, like walking down the stairs, easier.

“I finally found a workout I can stick with” - Anna T

After years of bouncing between different workouts, Anna T., 36, found Pvolve—and now she’s devoted to her studio classes.  How’s this for a love story: I took my first Pvolve class on Valentine’s Day, 2022. I was coming out of a breakup, managing a heavy workload, and I needed something just for me. While scrolling through the ClassPass app, I noticed Pvolve. Intrigued by the functional movement explanation, I decided to give it a try.   My first class was with Mel at the New York City Soho Studio. Was it love at first sight—or sweat? Not exactly. The classic Pvolve moves, like internal rotations, felt foreign to me. But Mel taught an amazing class—the energy hyped me up and took my mind off of work and my ex—and I knew I had to come back.   Results I’d Never Seen Before  When I started Pvolve, I wasn’t new to working out. I used to do yoga, reformer Pilates, and low-impact, high-intensity classes. But Pvolve was the first studio I truly committed to. Each class is different, so I never get bored. Now, I take a class three to four times a week. It’s non-negotiable for me. Everyone at my office knows that on my Pvolve days, I’m out the door at 6:00 p.m. in order to make my class.   The consistency—combined with some tweaks to my diet—has changed my body in ways I never experienced with other workouts. During class a few weeks ago, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe it was my reflection. My abs were more defined than ever. I see the payoff in my arms, thighs, and even my butt (which was previously nonexistent, if I’m being honest). Now it’s got a little perkiness and shape to it!   My energy levels have also jumped and I just feel better head to toe. Sitting at the computer for long stretches of time used to trigger lower back pain for me. But strengthening my body has helped nix that discomfort and improve my posture.   Real World Payoffs  Pvolve has made me a believer in functional movement. I’ve noticed that daily activities, like walking up a flight of stairs, leave me less winded. But I really put Pvolve to the test during a solo birthday trip to Dominica last May. I booked a wellness package to treat myself, which came with daily massages and outdoor activities, including a challenging hike up to a waterfall. I had every intention of skipping that—I was there for the pampering, not the peaks! But I changed my mind, and I am so glad I did.  The hike was steep and slippery—and I powered through it! I felt strong and like a total badass, and it made me realize that Pvolve was transforming my life outside the studio too. I found myself relying on go-to Pvolve techniques (like those internal rotations that tripped me up during my first class) to maneuver up and down the mountain, and had zero problem keeping my footing on the uneven terrain. All those Pvolve classes spent improving my balance on the Slant Board really paid off!  Sharing the Pvolve Love  I gush about Pvolve to anyone who will listen, and feel so lucky that I found this workout. I recently started ending the work week with a Friday evening Pvolve class. It’s the perfect way to shake off stress and give my body and mental health some TLC.  I know that starting a new workout can be intimidating, but everyone is welcome at the Pvolve studio, and the classes are made up of people from different backgrounds and with different body shapes. Each interaction I have—from the warm welcome at the front desk to the cheerleading from the instructor during class—reminds me why I keep at this: Because I love it. And if you ask me, it’s impossible not to fall for Pvolve!  5 of my Pvolve highlights  1. Discovering a diverse workout community Everyone is so sweet and welcoming at the Pvolve studio, and I love that the classes attract people of all backgrounds and fitness levels.  2. Finding a stress outlet My job can be a lot, but my Pvolve classes are a much-needed release.   3. Seeing my new definition Um, check out those abs!  4. Gaining newfound confidence I credit Pvolve for giving me the strength to tackle a tough hike while traveling.  5. Committing to my health Pvolve has given me something I can stick with, and the studio classes never disappoint. Each one is different, so I never get bored! 

Why Kristina Ditched HIIT for Functional Fitness

  When COVID hit, Kristina was looking for a new way to get the recovery workouts she needed when she was training for a half-marathon. A devoted CrossFitter, she thought her body had to feel sore and tired to get a good workout.  Enter Pvolve. Kristina found a way to get stronger at home without overly taxing her body. What were your initial goals when first starting to do Pvolve consistently? My initial goal was to add low-impact workouts on my days off from training for a half-marathon. I signed up for Pvolve shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began and I no longer had access to classes at my gym. I wanted to incorporate recovery workouts and workouts that would help open my hips and strengthen my glutes and hamstrings while training for a race in August 2020. I found pretty early on that I was more mobile and experienced less pain in my hips after particularly hard runs or other high-impact workouts. What does your Pvolve routine consist of? My typical Pvolve routine consists of four to five Live Virtual Studio classes a week, and one or two on-demand videos when I can’t make a live class. I love that the Live Virtual Studio classes are early enough for me to get in a good 55-minute workout before I head to work at the hospital! There are so many on-demand options where it is easy to mix and match videos for a total body workout as well.  When did you know that Pvolve was working for you and your goals? Did you have an “aha” moment? Prior to Pvolve, I was doing CrossFit and running nearly every day. My body was sore and exhausted, but I thought that was normal. When the pandemic hit, I no longer had access to CrossFit, and I realized that what I was putting my body through was not good. Pvolve helped me realize what an effective workout is for my body. I can feel toned and still very sore without the exhaustion by just putting my mind to muscle and doing more functional movements.  What were the unexpected results you saw and felt? I gained better hip mobility. I didn’t realize how much tension I carried in my hips until I started with Pvolve. I love all the hip rotations that are incorporated into nearly every class. Visually, my abdominal area appears more toned, and my butt is more lifted. I feel more confident and full-heartedly believe that is due to Pvolve and being more in tune with my body during the workouts.  Why do you continue with Pvolve? I continue with Pvolve because I love the workouts and I love the community. A lot of us take the same live virtual studio classes throughout the week and it is so nice to be able to connect with other Pvolvers across time zones! Another reason is the Pvolve trainers, who are so friendly and really make it known that you can always reach out to them with questions. They are also always watching your form in the live virtual studio and provide corrections specific to you.  Favorite piece of equipment? My favorite piece of equipment is the P.3 trainer. I feel so sculpted and lengthened after every workout with it! It is extremely versatile and provides a total body burn. The piece of equipment that challenges me the most is the slant board. It tests my balance, ankle strength, and reach backs. I also love using it for bridges, as I am working towards a single leg glute bridge.   Aside from the physical aspect, how did the workouts help you mentally or emotionally? I look forward to my 5:00 AM workouts and know that no matter how hard it is, I will feel great afterwards. I also have been focusing less on the physical transformation and more on challenging myself to attempt a move that I was not able to do a couple of weeks ago. Can I maintain my balance? Can I feel my abs zipping up? Can I hold that plank? That’s what matters to me now, after a year of hard work with Pvolve. How do you think the workout will continue to help you recover and become stronger in the future? I think the Pvolve Method will continue to help with functional movement in my day-to-day life. I feel myself getting stronger with a consistent Pvolve routine, but I also notice a different in my ability to hike, snowboard, walk, and more. Pvolve and its functional movements have directly translated into all the other activities I love doing. The slant board has helped me maintain my balance on steep hikes. The p.sit is like how I stand on my snowboard. I have less pain when I wake up in the morning and when I walk. Pvolve is definitely a workout that I will continue to be doing for a long time. 

The Pvolve Effect: How Nicole Found Physical, Mental & Emotional Strength amidst her Busy Lifestyle

A year after giving birth to her second child, Pvolve member Nicole wasn’t feeling challenged enough by her low-intensity postpartum workouts. With two kids under five at home, she needed to find a workout she could do on her own time—one that would get her to push herself more than she was used to. Nicole found a new routine with Pvolve that not only fits into her busy life, but also helps her feel stronger and more comfortable in her body.  What were your initial goals when first starting to do Pvolve consistently? I discovered Pvolve two years ago. I was one year postpartum after my second child, and I had been doing another low-impact workout designed specifically for people who had recently given birth. It was good, but didn't have the intensity I was craving and felt physically ready for. With a four-year-old and one-year-old at home with me, I needed a workout that I could do at home with very limited time. That’s what Pvolve offered, with digital memberships and awesome equipment. There was really no need to go to a gym to feel like I fully worked out. What does your Pvolve routine consist of? I do Pvolve six to seven days a week—usually some virtual studios, and the amazing active recoveries and stretching videos. I work out for 30 to 60 minutes a day, depending on my availability... and how cooperative my kids are feeling. I honestly crave my workouts and look forward to them every day. Even on the days where I'm dragging, I get past that obstacle by remembering how amazing I will feel afterwards. And it has never let me down. When did you know that Pvolve was working for you and your goals? Did you have an "aha" moment? Honestly, as soon as I did my very first foundational video with Pvolve during my 14-day trial period, I knew it was for me. The workout was so hard, but I didn't feel dead afterwards. It was the oddest feeling: I was exhausted from working super hard, but also energized and just felt good. I truly believe that their pre-hab approach to fitness, getting stronger so we can prevent injury, works our bodies from the inside out. I have never felt that way before. Before kids, exercise was just a means to work my body as hard as I could, in an attempt to shrink myself down as much as I could. I have a history with disordered body image and super restrictive eating, and that influenced my relationship to exercise. Through some dietary changes, getting more sleep (thank you, kids!), hormone shifts as I finished breastfeeding, and especially Pvolve, I have definitely seen steady results. Physically, I didn’t change overnight, but since I’ve been keeping a consistent routine over the past two years, I have lost 15 pounds—back down to my pre-first-baby weight. I feel stronger, but also longer and leaner than I ever have in my life. Before kids, I felt like food was the enemy and exercise was an unhealthy obsession. With Pvolve, I've found my love for movement that is healthy and gentle, but also challenging. I've also fallen in love with my (post-two-kid) body that is far from perfect, but truly amazing. I never, ever thought I would feel that way. And that gratitude and appreciation for my body—which I often felt disdain for during my teenage years and twenties—is honestly what I'm most thankful to Pvolve for. What were the unexpected results you saw and felt? The unexpected results I felt—almost immediately—was how open my body felt. Before Pvolve, I thought I had chronically tight hips that would never change. After the very first workout, they felt noticeably more open. After about three months, I noticed my shoulder pain—which I've had since I was a teenager—was completely gone. The lower back pain from carrying a toddler and preschooler all day was gone, and I'm more flexible than I've ever been. Why do you continue to do Pvolve? Bottom line, I do Pvolve because I love it. It makes me feel strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. I appreciate the aesthetic results, but I think I would do it even without them. I'm also super grateful for the community. The trainers are amazing people who always lift me up and encourage me. The virtual studios have been such a cool experience since I don't live near a studio. Getting live feedback is good practice for perfectionists like me—that we're all in this together, focusing on form and always improving. I adore Dani and Maeve—they kick my butt like no other, but have the sweetest demeanors. Everyone I've interacted with, from customer service reps up to senior trainers, have always been so kind. Favorite piece of equipment, movements or on-demand video? Gosh, that’s so hard to choose! It's hard to beat the P.ball. There's simply nothing like it. The gliders are the sneakiest piece of equipment—they look unassuming, but will leave you flat out. In terms of workouts, the newer ones are next level good. I love the 30-minute abs & lower body sculpt with the P.ball. And the 40-minute lower body sculpt with light ankle weights makes my spine feel so decompressed that I'm pretty sure I gain half an inch of height. I also love, love, love Maeve's Arms & Core Sculpt Series. Aside from the physical aspect, how did the workouts help you mentally/emotionally? My mental and emotional resilience have increased drastically as a result of doing Pvolve. I completely credit it to the mind-body connection of this method. I need to really focus in order to push beyond thresholds and do the workouts properly. In my opinion, anyone who says Pvolve is easy isn't doing it correctly—I don't think I've seen anyone in better shape than Maeve, and you can tell how hard she works in these workouts!  Although I’ve experienced endorphins from high impact cardio and strength training before, I had never experienced the almost meditative state from honing into movement and being completely present with what my body is doing in that moment. It's honestly amazing and a gift. How do you think the workouts will continue to help you recover and become stronger in the future? I turn 36 this September, and have never felt better in my body. I'm grateful to have found Pvolve and am absolutely certain that it will bring me into middle age and beyond with a healthy, strong, mobile body that will allow me to care for myself, my family, and my community in the ways that I want to. It also provides the mental and emotional outlet that I need as an introvert. I told my husband that I love being a mom who Pvolves and I know I'll someday be a grandma who Pvolves too.

Talking Confidence with Caroline Deisler

Known for her healthy recipes, self-care tips, and rock-solid abs, YouTuber Caroline Deisler is nothing short of a wellness guru.   We spoke with the London-based influencer to get the scoop on how the Pvolve Method and functional movement fit into her routine.  Q: How do you fuel your body in a typical day?  A: I get up around 6AM, do a little morning stretch routine (I always stretch before working out and love the fact that Pvolve promotes that, as well) and have a big glass of water with fresh lemon, one ginger shot and one pure aloe vera shot to get my digestion going. I then do a 30-45 minute workout and have a hydrating green juice with celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger and spinach afterwards. I spend about 2 hours on the computer working, mostly replying to emails, then around 11AM I have breakfast which is usually one (or two) of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes.  For a late lunch, I love to make big salads lately with roasted sweet potatoes, avocados, lots of greens, tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts and some seeds on top-- something very fresh and healthy. After some more work in the afternoon, I love to go for a long walk before dinner to get some fresh air in and to relax my mind. I love to make vegetable sushi for dinner along with a colourful salad consisting of lots of veggies and potatoes, or something like brown rice pasta. My post-dinner routine is having a hot peppermint and/or liquorice tea with a few dates for dessert–my favorite! Then it’s lights out around 10PM.  Q: How does Pvolve fit into your lifestyle?  A: Pvolve complements my wellness routines so perfectly because it's a very mindful workout that helps me connect my mind and body. It actually calms me down while it gets me toned, fit and strong. I also love how easy it is to do from anywhere. It’s kind of addicting!   Q: Favorite piece of equipment?  A: I love the ankle bands! I feel like my legs got super toned and lean from using them, and I´m always sore the next day.  Q: What’s your go-to travel equipment?  A: The ankle bands, gliders , P.ball and P.band!   Q: Most challenging move for you?  A: It´s probably an easy one for most people but I find it so hard to keep my knees back when doing hip hinges. Q: What are your best tips on feeling confident?  So many, but it all starts within you. Ever since I changed my diet and lifestyle, I have been so much more confident because I feel really good from the inside, and that automatically reflects on the outside. Be true to who you really are and embrace that. There is nothing more beautiful, in my opinion, than people who really live up to their dreams, people who stand up for what they believe in; those are the ones that inspire us. Nourish your body with nutritious and colorful food, workout because it makes you feel good, incorporate more you-time into your day, and be more mindful about the little things. It all adds up and will ultimately make you so much more confident. No one is like you but you, and that's your superpower!   We couldn’t agree more with those tips, and that is exactly the message and mindset we hope to instill in all of our members. Fitness is no longer just about liking the way you look, but about loving the way you feel – it's that that will bring you more confidence, vitality, energy and strength.  Check out Caroline's Instagram and Youtube channel for more wellness inspo and start your free trial to work out with us today.

Selfcare Secrets from Top Model Blanca Padilla

We caught up with top-model and Pvolve-regular Blanca Padilla, and she gave us the low-down on her wellness routine. Read on to learn about her healthy habits and how she fits Pvolve into her busy lifestyle.   Q: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BREAKFAST TO FUEL YOUR DAY?  A: I usually start my day with a huge smoothie, making sure to add protein and lots of greens. I then add toppings like raspberries, blueberries, chia seeds, shredded coconut and ground flaxseeds for fiber and energy. I also love to start my day with pasture-raised eggs, either poached or in an omelet, with avocado on the side. I like chia pudding with berries as well because it’s great for busy weeks; it’s so versatile and easy to make ahead and grab on the go.   Q: HOW DO YOU DESTRESS DURING EVENTS LIKE FASHION WEEK, AND IN LIFE?   A: Taking time for myself. A little "me time" after a crazy day of events, meetings and castings is really what works for me. Getting a relaxing massage, a nice facial, or simply staying home to cook something yummy and journal. Self-care is key to being able to give back to others in all areas of your life.  Q: WHAT ARE YOUR GO-TO BEAUTY MUST-HAVES ON-THE-GO?   A: I always have to have a good lip balm with me. I’m a huge fan of rose water, and as far as my on-the-go look, it’s just concealer where needed, a bit of bronzer and highlighter (both also used for my eyes to add some depth), curled lashes, eyebrows brushed and a touch of lip liner that blends with your natural color.  Q: DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE PVOLVE MOVE OR PIECE OF EQUIPMENT?  A: This is a hard one! I am obsessed with the Pvolve Method; my body just loves it so much! I’d say the P.band is a great addition. I also love using the light ankle band and getting into internal and external rotations. My favorite moves include a lot of stretching. I love the beginning of the workout that wakes up the whole body and opening my hips on the mat after long flights. And anything that works my abs while stretching. I think that’s everything...   Q: WHAT SONG GETS YOU IN THE ZONE?  A: Almost anything, I love music.   Q: GO-TO OUTFIT WHEN ON OR OFF-DUTY?  A: Denim, denim, denim! Forever.  Q: HOW DO YOU FIND YOUR CONFIDENCE, IN DAILY LIFE AND AS A MODEL?  A: I think it’s about really internalizing that nobody has your potential or uniqueness. You can’t be good for everybody or everything, but there are things that make you vibrate and feel joy, and that’s the path you must follow. Your confidence will come if you forget about the noise and focus on whatever it is that calls your name. Nobody else can offer what you can when it comes to doing what you love. It is not about being perfect but about finding how and where you can shine. We’re all special, and if you don’t see that yourself, just know others see it in you.  Start streaming like a model today!