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The Leader in Functional Fitness

Pvolve tones, strengthens, and sculpts. With our method, you’ll move your body the way it’s meant to move and feel stronger inside and out.

Pvolve goes beyond traditional resistance training. With our patented and proprietary equipment, you’ll improve muscle tone and endurance–as you move.

The Pvolve Method is built on science–not hype. Supported by a Clinical Advisory Board, we deliver workouts that help you break a sweat, not your body.

With 1000+ on-demand classes and our Live Virtual Studio, you can experience the Pvolve Method wherever you are. Our variety of workouts keep you engaged and challenged–no matter your level.

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Strength & Sculpt
Progressive Weight Training
Recover & Stretch
Women's Health
Cardio Burn
Mat Definition

Our signature class focuses on slow, intentional movements that lengthen and tone your muscles.

Build strength with a mix of weight training and dynamic, functional movement.

Our signature class focuses on slow, intentional movements that lengthen and tone your muscles.

Support for a women’s physiology including pelvic floor, cycle-tracking, and menopause.

Get your heart pumping by alternating cardio and form-focused strength pushes.

Experience deep core activation with our Pilates-inspired mat class with a Pvolve twist.

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Jennifer Aniston joins Pvolve

Inspired by a friend's results, Jen began streaming classes with Pvolve and was drawn to the method’s emphasis on longevity and inner strength. This new way to workout completely shifted Jen’s relationship with fitness. So much so that in 2023, she joined the company.