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P.volve Transformations — Gabriella F.
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P.volve Transformations — Gabriella F.

At P.volve, we love hearing about clients’ progress and seeing how they’re crushing our workouts. These ladies, near and far, are giving the P.volve community some major inspo through their incredible before and after transformations.

Our submission this week started her P.volve journey with our 90-Day Challenge that kicked off the new year. After years of doing the same-old-same-old at the gym, Gabriella was looking to mix things up to get her closer to her fitness goals. Now, only a week from the finish line, she's amazed at her results!  

"I started the program in the beginning of the new year as I was looking to implement a new type of workout and change up my usual routine. I grew up playing lacrosse my whole life, and when I was off to college and moved on from playing, I would spend 45 minutes a day at the gym about 5-6 times a week mixed with some classes here and there. I graduated in 2016 and kept up with my typical gym routine until this past winter. I was long over due for some different workouts. I started to lose motivation and no longer looked forward to my time at the gym. I also lost interest to enroll in the different classes for arms/legs/toning, as I was always nervous about getting "bulky" if I started new workouts implementing weights.

I came across P.volve as I've been following Helen Owen for years and her body was always an inspiration, so I decided to give it a trial run. I was addicted after the first few workouts! Three months later, and I see huge changes. I always had my abs peak through, but never like this!"  

Where are you from?
I'm originally from Long Island, NY. I've been living on the Upper East Side in NYC for the past two years following college.

How do you fit P.volve Into your day?
I typically fit P.volve in after work during the week, and early morning on the weekends totaling to 5x a week. I also cycle once a week and try to incorporate walking/running as well. I feel as though exercising around the same time consistently helps make it a long lasting habit. 

What is your favorite piece of equipment?
Both the gliders and are my favorite!

Favorite streaming video/program?
I have a few favorite videos: "Angel Approved," "Arms and Abs with Celestine," "Daring to be Different" and if I'm short in time I'll do the express videos, usually 20 min Sculpted Arms and Abs, or Express Thighs

Favorite move?
My favorite move is the forward-step-lunge with the

Anything else you’d like to add about your journey with P.volve?
Another plus-- I look forward to working out every day, which I never did before, even though I was an athlete most of my life!

That's one of our favorite parts of the method, too! Thanks so much, Gabriella, for sharing your amazing success from the 90-Day Challenge. We can't wait to follow the rest of your journey!

Follow along with Gabriella's journey on her Instagram @gabfrangella 

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