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P.volve Transformations - Brittney J. | P.volve
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P.volve Transformations – Brittney J.

At P.volve, we love hearing about our clients’ progress, and seeing how they are crushing their workout game—no matter where, or how busy they are. We wanted to feature these ladies who are giving us some major inspo, so we started a P.volve Transformations series here on the blog.

After being warned off her normal HIIT workouts while she recovered from a health condition, Brittney was feeling totally hopeless as to how to keep her body strong and moving. A quick Google search introduced her to P.volve just in time to join the 90 Day Challenge, and her life has been changed forever! Read on for Brittney’s incredible story.

Where are you from?

Lighthouse Point, FL

How did you find out about P.volve?

I found it through Google actually. 

What inspired you to do the 90 Day Challenge?

I was very sick and unhealthy and wanted to change that in 2019! I started the year very sick from battling an adrenal and liver issue, and was told by my doctor that I could no longer continue to workout the way that I have been my whole life. Being a avid runner combined with high intensity workouts, I was scared, worried and broken down. For an entire month all I could think was, what am I to do now? That’s when I desperately took to Google and found P.volve.

How do you fit P.volve into your day?

It’s so easy to fit P.volve into my day, regardless of whether I have no time or a lot of time. I either do it right after work or right after lunch. If I’m running short on time, I do one of the express workouts. Otherwise, I will do a longer workout video. 

What is your favorite piece of equipment?

The P.ball by far!

Favorite streaming video?

The P.ball Squeeze

Favorite move?

I’d have to say the high bridge squeeze!

Anything else you want to add about your journey with P.volve?

I will be honest-- coming off of high intensity workouts where I was dripping in sweat after 15 minutes, my first two weeks of P.volve left me skeptical as to whether these tiny movements would do anything. Once I let go of everything I had ever been trained to do and put my entire trust in this P.volve method, I became a believer.

I am shocked at what this method has done for not only my body but also my mental health. Beyond fixing my posture and creating the length and definition in my muscles, the transformation can be seen from the sad look on my face on Day 1 to the confidence and pride I felt on Day 90. P.volve has given me so much more than muscle definition. It gave me hope when I thought there was none. It has opened my eyes and mind to try different things out of my comfort zone. I will forever be grateful to Stephen and RK for sharing this with the world, and I will surely be a P.volver for the rest of my life!

Thanks for sharing your results, Brittney! You’re an inspiration and have surely demonstrated that there is always hope. Keep up the amazing work, we can’t wait to see the rest of your journey!

Keep up with Brittney’s journey on her Instagram @itszlilbritt

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