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The Benefits Of Ankle Weights & How To Use Them October 29, 17

The Benefits Of Ankle Weights & How To Use Them

Ankle weights have become one of my most essential tools in creating toned, lean legs and a lifted butt. The added weight allows the muscles to activate and work just hard enough to become prominent without breaking down and bulking, allowing you to feel muscles that you normally keep dormant.

I use varying pounds of weights for different workouts and to engage a variety of muscles. Sometimes I use weights to activate the hips through propulsion or to activate certain parts of the butt in accelerating and decelerating the motion.

Playing around with weights and motions has really allowed me to reach muscles that are often hard to access. Depending on whether you are on the mat doing butt lifts or standing up doing legs lifts, the weight you use makes a difference in where you feel it.

For example, for exercises with high ranges of motion, such as a leg lift that is at the end range, I always keep the weight light to allow you to reach the right muscles and help with balance. With butt lifts, I typically use a medium weight to really make your butt work without putting strain on the back. I use the heaviest weight when doing front raises with thighs, this allows the runway muscles at the top of the thigh and in the front of the hip to become more prominent and to eliminate the bulk in the front of the thigh. Remember, changing up the weight with various exercises makes you feel things differently. I do this with my clients so they are always using different muscles and engaging those hard-to-reach areas.

I use ankle weights ranging from 1.5 pounds (being the lightest), 3 pounds (being the middle) to four or five pounds (being the heaviest) for the front leg raises.

Here are three moves that really become enhanced with the use of ankle weights:

  1. The Side Leg lift

  1. The Front Leg Lift

  1. Back Diagonal Leg Lift

What do you think about weights? Please share your experiences in the comments section!


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Post by Stephen Pasterino

Hi, I'm P, founder of P.volve. I'm passionate about fitness, wellness, and all of the healthy lifestyle choices in between. Get more out of your workouts by staying up to date with our Blog, where I share all of my fitness secrets.

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