3 Moves for a Low-Impact Full-Body Workout

Whether using equipment or just your own body weight, the Pvolve Method uses full body resistance training to deeply activate and strengthen your muscles. 

How long should a full-body resistance workout be?

Pvolve's full body resistance workouts range anywhere from 15 minutes to 55 minutes, depending on the class type. Here, we'll show you three moves using the P.3 trainer that can be done on their own for a quick, full-body boost, or added onto another workout for an extra burn.

What is the P.3 trainer?

If you've ever used the P.3 trainer, you already know how much variety it can add to your routine. You can use it standing for leg reaches, on all fours to target the glutes or lying down for core work. No matter how you use it, every move with this tool offers full-body resistance that leads to long lasting results.

Low-Impact Full-Body Workout with the P.3

Maeve McEwen, Head Trainer and Director of Programming is here with a three move, low-impact total-body resistance workout. 

Single Leg Reaches

Single Leg Reaches with the P.3 | P.volve

Target area: thighs, core and arms, leading to a total-body burn.
Adding the weighted ball to the mix will ensure you get the greatest workout possible. 

Start lying on the mat with arms overhead, P.3 ball in your hands, and legs in tabletop position. Reach arms back towards your ears as you stretch your attached leg down long. Complete rep by squeezing arms and leg back up to starting position.
Repeat 8 times on each sides.

Plank Shifts

Plank Shifts with the P.3 | P.volve

This plank requires full-body engagement. Keep your core engaged through every rep to get the greatest workout possible.  

Start in a plank position with the P.3 handle around your wrist. Shift weight up and over 1-2 inches in front of you. Squeeze core and arms as you return to starting position.
Repeat 8 times on each sides.

Bicep Load & Reach

Bicep Load & Reach P.3 Trainer | P.volve

This resistance-based exercise focuses on finding length through your body for  complete upper and lower body activation. For best results, keep your standing leg firmly planted into the ground.

Start with a deep step back with your attached leg. Hinge at your hips as you complete a bicep curl. Squeeze back up to starting position.
Repeat 8 times on each sides.

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