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How to Make the Most of the Pvolve Classes Library

Rejoice—there’s a now new, simpler way to stream P.volve workouts and make the most of the P.volve Method. Check out the all-new Classes Library. It’s easier to navigate, more user-friendly, and has a new fancy feature or two. Here’s what we changed: 

Streamlined Class Categories 

Get Started: New to P.volve? Head here for our introductory classes. 

Strength & Sculpt​: Our signature class that blends low-impact sculpting exercises with resistance-based training and equipment. 

Cardio Burn​: A high-intensity class that gets your heart pumping and strengthens your body.  

Mat Definition​: Get deep core activation with a mat Pilates-inspired class with a killer P.volve twist.  

Recover & Stretch​: Restorative movement to calm the body and mind.  

Movement Therapy: A new category created with help from our Clinical Advisory Board tailored to meet your needs based on your unique physiology, age, and goals (think Pre- and Post-Natal classes and Pelvic Floor work).  

Meditation: Take some time out of your day to reconnect with yourself and build a stronger mind-body connection. 

But don’t worry—if you don’t see some of your favorites here, they haven’t gone away.  

Looking for heavy weight training? We've got a Progressive Weight Training collection for you. Maybe you want a blend of Strength & Sculpt  and Cardio Burn? Check out the Sculpt & Burn collection for a blend of strength and cardio programming.  

Filters & Class Breakdowns: 

Our filters are here to help you find exactly what you're looking for. From our Phase & Function sync-with-your-cycle workouts to and Pre- and Post-Natal-friendly workouts. The Pacing filter accounts for what kind of burn you’re looking for: Slow & Steady, Fast-Paced, or maybe a little bit of both (hello, Ebbs & Flows).  

And when you expand the class details you’ll see a Class Breakdown for every session—this is where we’ll tell you how much of each class is spent warming up, standing, seated, on the mat, and cooling down. Want to know what’s included in your workout ahead of time without fast-forwarding through the video? We’ve got you. Want to do know if there are planks? Check out the Class Description for a heads up on that as well. 

But what about beginner and advanced class levels? 

We’ve moved away from these traditional levels. Here’s the thinking: What’s challenging for one member may not be challenging for another. For some, a slow and steady move that allows for a stronger mind-to-muscle connection is their biggest challenge. For others, working multiple muscles at the same time at a more rapid pace requires more effort.  

That’s why we provide modifications and ways to level-up or -down to help you make the most of each workout. And that’s also why, as our loyal members can tell you, the more you do the Method, the harder you can make any class. Any workout can be advanced, it all depends on your form, range of motion, and resistance.  

So we ended the confusion by eliminating the Advanced label altogether in favor of letting you find the class you’re looking for with new Pacing filters, Class Breakdowns and Class Descriptions. But you may notice the Beginner label still hanging around for new members. Since there is a learning curve to the P.volve library, we’ve curated the Get Started category to include all the classes helpful for anyone looking to get started and learn our moves. And we’ll continue to label those classes as Beginner so it’s totally clear where anyone can get started.  

Not a member yet? Start your free trial for access to our library of on-demand classes and start working out with us today.