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How to Make the Most of the 30-Day Transform Challenge
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How to Make the Most of the 30-Day Transform Challenge

It’s a big week here at P.volve. Our 30-Day Transform kicks off on August 1st, and with it, thousands of women will start the journey of a total-body reboot for the entire month of August.

If you’re already signed up, you know the challenge calls to complete 18 workouts in 30 days. We chose 18 as a comfortable yet still challenging way to experience the method and see results. With that number, you'll be able to factor in easier days, harder days, and rest days on the 4-day per week basis. Still, it's a whole lot of commitment, especially if you’re a P.volve newbie or a just a beginner to a fitness challenge in general. But not to fear—we’re here to answer every question you might have and help you make the most of your challenge.

First things first: You have to be ready for all that’s to come in the month ahead. The challenge falls in August as a time to reboot and prepare for back-to-school, fall foliage, and whatever else you might have on the horizon. And in 18 workouts, that’s exactly what you’ll do. 

Having our equipment to complete each workout to the fullest is a great starting point. Each piece serves its own purpose and helps contribute to the overall body-toning method. Throughout the challenge, you’ll glide your way to tighter abs, lift your glutes with the p.ball, and stretch your arms long with the 

Aside from equipment, it’s important to prepare by knowing where you started, and that can easily happen with a before photo. Seeing a Day 1 picture isn’t just about the physical aspects of your body; it lets you see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished throughout the course of the challenge. Plus, you can share with your fellow challengers in our Facebook Streamers Group

Like any workout plan, it’ll be crucial to schedule and factor your P.volve workouts into your daily routine. For starters, you can look at the workweek ahead and see which days are best for your daily stretch, which you’ll have more time for a longer workout, and which are definite rest days. This will help you to stick to the plan all while staying energized and well-rested.

Speaking of the types of workouts, we’re putting the power in your own hands. The challenge isn’t a strict calendar to abide by. Instead, you’re able to choose your own workouts based on your fitness level, what equipment you want to use, and what exactly you want to work on. This lets you get a well-rounded taste of the method, whether in studio or in streaming, through a variety of trainers, focus, and workout times. 

Every step of the way, you’ll be able to track your progress in the challenge. If you're streaming from home, we’ll add a peach to your workout calendar when you’re done with any workout over 15 minutes long. Similarly, if you're attending classes in studio, we’ll have a board to mark off each time you’re done.

And remember those before photos we suggested you take at the start of the challenge? Here’s where they come in handy. On Day 30, after you’ve pushed yourself to complete 18 workouts, you’ll want to see how the physical changes match up with the feel-good emotional changes, too.

If you’re familiar with our challenges, you know how impactful they can be. At the end, we hope you feel more flexible, more toned, more positive—or whatever you set out to accomplish.

If you haven’t already signed up, you have until August 5th to do so! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions at