How At-Home Workouts Helped 4 Women See Results

When it comes to online workout programs, it’s so important that every workout is as convenient as it is effective. And that’s exactly what we aim to create with our at-home streaming challenges.

We kicked off 2020 with our biggest challenge yet—the Summit 60. The 8-week challenge started at the base of the summit, where streamers learned every foundational step and fundamental move that would help them progress through future workouts. Every workout built upon the next, incorporated more equipment and became more challenging for even greater total-body results. 

In the end, 5,058 of you participated in the challenge and shared the many results you saw including improved posture, less knee pain and better-fitting jeans. Each of the Summit 60-finishers below completed the challenge in streaming—from the comfort of their own homes—and have incredible results to share.

“I’ve never been so excited by a program and looked forward to workouts. I’ve never felt energized by my workouts, or anything but drained really. I’m so in love with P.volve” – Christina O.


“My posture is awesome. My skin firmness has improved. I look more alive in the face. I cannot thank P.volve enough” – Dani M.


“I feel so much stronger and my posture and overall tone of my body have both improved. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time” – Heather D.


“I’ve noticed a major difference in my spine and pelvis alignment. I finally have a mind-body connection.” – Alysha S.

The Summit 60 challenge is available in streaming for anyone looking to challenge themselves and learn the method from start to finish. Learn more about our workouts from home here, or get started today with a 14-day free trial