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Kickstart 2020 with The Summit 60 Challenge
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Kickstart 2020 with The Summit 60 Challenge

Welcome to The Summit 60, our mountain-sized fitness challenge to kickstart 2020. You may have already heard some rumblings about what it will take to reach the peak, but we’re here to share every detail so you can properly prepare for the 60-day plan. 

The Summit 60 was developed by P.volve’s team of master trainers and is designed as a progressive program, starting at the base of the mountain with the most foundational workouts and elevating to the top with more advanced movements. What you learn in week one will lead into what you do in week two, what you learn in week two will lead into what you do in week three, and so on. This challenge, unlike others in our program, has no guesswork on what workouts to do when. Instead, we created the entire program from start to finish and just ask you to show up each and every day to achieve full-body results.

The challenge requires that you complete 36 workouts over the course of the 60-day period. That means active rest days and recovery workouts are factored in as a necessary component of your climb. The Summit kicks off on January 1st with two ways to participate: 

  1. Join by streaming every workout from home. Then, you'll follow along on Instagram and via our Facebook Streamers Group.
  2. Complete the challenge in our NYC or L.A. studio by attending any 36 classes over the course of the 60-day challenge period. Keep track of each with a punch card via the reception desk. New members get unlimited classes for 10 days for $36; existing members get 30% off their next class package or membership upon sign up.


If completing the challenge at home, be sure you’re properly equipped with the full suite of P.volve equipment. We’ll be using every single piece of equipment over the course of the 60 days, including our newest resistance and recovery tool, the Precision Foam Roller

For the challenge, we’re offering 30% off a special Summit 60 Bundle that includes all equipment plus two months of streaming for only $299, available through January 6th. 

Workout timing and structure

The official challenge period is 1/1-2/29. Of course, some participants won’t be able to follow the exact schedule we laid out, but you’ll reach the top of the summit as long as you complete all 36 workouts before the last day in February.

As mentioned, this program was created as a progression, so your first week will start with the foundations. Each week has 4-5 scheduled workouts, with new equipment and movements added each day including Cardio Burn and work with the p.3 trainer. Modifications will be offered for those with injuries or without access to specific pieces of equipment such as the slant board

Consistency is key in this program, so we developed workouts that are only up to 30 minutes each. At the end of each workout, you’ll have the option to complete an additional 10-minute add-on that targets specific areas of the body.

Progress tracking 

Anyone who’s done our workouts before knows that results are felt just as much as they are seen. But in order to really track the physical changes happening, photos are the most useful. Submit a before photo at the beginning of the challenge so you can see just how far you’ve come at day 60. Submit an after photo at the end to see the incredible transformation and to receive an exclusive piece of P.volve branded merchandise.

Aside from before and afters, be sure to follow along on Instagram @pvolve for regular check-ins from trainers and the rest of the community.


Eating well is just as important moving well, so we’ve partnered with Hungryroot to offer you healthy meals for the challenge period. Upon signing up for the challenge, you’ll receive an email with 30% off orders over $99, with free healthy cookie dough in each order as long as you’re a Hungryroot subscriber. We’ll also pick our favorite P.volve-approved products on Hungryroot’s site. Plus, you’ll get an additional $30 credit upon completing the challenge.  


Your hard work, whether in-studio or at-home, deserves some rewards. Streamers who complete all 36 workouts will earn a $25 cash equivalent gift card. Studio-goers will receive a 3-class credit into your account upon completing the challenge.

Our climb starts on 1/1, so sign up today to join the challenge in studio or streaming. We can't wait to start 2020 with you!