Meet The Founder

I’m Stephen Pasterino, but everyone calls me P.

After 15 years immersed in the world of fitness, studying applied functional science at the internationally acclaimed Gray Institute, and honing an entirely new, functional movement workout method for celebrity clients, I realized I had a true passion for helping all women discover their best selves so they can live their best lives.

I hope you’ll be next.

“I’m dedicated to helping women feel strong and confident with exercises that complement and enhance their natural shape.”

What P.volve is all about

My entire philosophy is built on the idea that all bodies are meant to be strong.

Women want to be lean and strong. Naturally proportioned. Confident about how their bodies look, and what their bodies can do for them.

That’s exactly what the P.volve fitness method is designed to deliver, all supported by functional science, musculoskeletal expertise, and established physical therapy practices.

After years of study, it was clear to me that other workouts were doing it wrong. They push some muscles beyond their capabilities while ignoring others, they put too much pressure on joints, and they’re creating pain and injury. Or, they’re built on the foundations of bodybuilding, which means they result in bulky muscles – something you probably don’t want.

You don’t need to hurt yourself to transform your body. What you need are safe, sustainable movements that create incredible tone and definition without damaging, straining or bulking muscles.

Yes, I’ve trained celebrities, but the great thing is that P.volve is designed to work with all bodies, whatever your shape, size, or fitness level.

I also believe that there’s no one perfect body – only the body that’s perfect for you, and that’s what the P.volve workout method can help you achieve.

The P.volve difference

I don’t just want you to look good. I want you to feel great, and I want it to last for a lifetime. So that’s what I’m going to help you do.

Because my method is based on functional movement you’ll see how different this workout is right away.

Here, success isn’t about how many reps you can do, but achieving perfect form with precise movements that activate and tone small, unused muscles that can be harder to reach. With this method, there’s less wasted energy in your workout, yielding visible results more quickly.

After just a month of the P.volve method, you’ll notice your abs are becoming more defined, your butt is lifting, your core is strengthening, and your muscles are becoming beautifully lean and elongated. Best of all, you’ll feel a major boost to your overall health, wellbeing, and confidence.

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