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As Wallet Pressures Mount, Women Look to Science-Backed Workouts Focused on Health and Wellness, According to National Fitness Leader Pvolve

December 8, 2022

Celebrity-Favorite Fitness Method, P.volve, Launches the p.3 Trainer

September 20, 2019

Pvolve, the leader in evidence-based functional fitness, reported record holiday sales this season. The national fitness brand that upends traditional fitness norms is succeeding in its mission of revolutionizing the way women move, live and feel. Pvolve reports that holiday sales are up 229 percent over last year and new member sales this holiday season have nearly doubled year over year as women prioritize overall health and wellness rather than appearances only.

The company, which celebrated its fifth anniversary this past month, also projects record sales in 2023.

“Despite the macro financial climate, our numbers show that women are not willing to give up what they spend to reach their fitness goals,” said Pvolve President Julie Cartwright. “They truly understand the importance of feeling good and prioritizing the body’s function and are turning to us to help them reach their fitness goals.”

Pvolve, whose name is derived from “personal evolution,” reported a renewal rate of 73 percent among its members, considered high by industry experts. “Having such high renewal rates is proof that our holistic approach to fitness, health and wellness is working,” said Cartwright. “Being able to deliver this experience in person or online is one of the reasons why so many women who sign with Pvolve stay with Pvolve.”

Cartwright sees no signs of sales slowing and notes that nine out of 10 members are choosing hybrid memberships that give women the choice to attend classes both live in-studio, “on-demand” virtually via the company’s streaming platform or through a combination of both.

Five Years of Record Growth

Pvolve, which celebrated its five-year anniversary this past month, reported record growth since its opening. Over the past five years, sales have increased by 89 percent and revenue has increased by 125 percent.

“During the past five years, we have experienced phenomenal growth across the board,” said Cartwright. “Our woman-led and woman-focused company has gone from serving members in one country to more than 70 countries and from offering only a handful of classes to now more than 1,000.”

Pvolve’s offering has expanded to include new workout series and products that help women evolve their bodies throughout life, strengthening from the inside out to build the most powerful version of themselves.

In 2022 alone, Pvolve started a first-of-its-kind “Moving During Fertility Treatment” program designed for people going through ovarian stimulation and retrieval during the egg donation, egg freezing and IVF process. Pvolve also announced another first-to-market program, the turnkey “Moving with Menopause” program, for women who are entering or going through menopause. Both programs are available to Pvolve’s thousands of global members, as well as for companies to offer to their employees.

Pvolve also launched Recover 9, an innovative daily supplement drink that reduces soreness, builds lean muscle and helps women bounce back faster after workouts.

The company also announced the continued buildout of its studios. In addition to company-operated studios in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, five franchised studios are slated to open in the greater San Diego area beginning in the next several weeks with additional studios opening in Nashville (Tennessee), Victoria (British Columbia), Calgary (Alberta) and more locations to be announced in early 2023.

“In five years, we have gone from a startup with a single studio, one patented product and a small digital presence to an established fitness leader reaching members all over the world. I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish in just five years, and believe we are well-positioned to capture additional market share in the next five,” said Pvolve founder Rachel Katzman. “I am excited about all that is to come with our growing patented equipment line, studios in leading U.S. cities and a strong franchise offering that will reach 250 studios by 2025.”

About Pvolve

Pvolve is the leader in evidence-based functional fitness. Headquartered in New York, the company delivers innovative content and experiences to its members in all 50 states and globally. Its science-backed, holistic fitness method for women harnesses the power of functional movement and proprietary equipment to nourish and restore while it shapes, tones and strengthens. Through its hybrid fitness model, Pvolve can be experienced in-studio, through live and on-demand virtual classes and via a growing franchised studio footprint. For more information, please visit and @pvolve on Instagram.