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Large Employers Engaging Pvolve for Employee Wellness

September 12, 2022

Celebrity-Favorite Fitness Method, P.volve, Launches the p.3 Trainer

September 20, 2019

Pvolve, the national employee wellness provider and the leader in evidence-based functional fitness for women, announced today that Easterseals Michigan, Globant and SmileDirectClub have engaged the company for employee wellness and fitness.

These employee wellness benefits partnerships come on the heels of 145 percent year-over-year growth at Pvolve, coupled with new additions to its roster of employee wellness and fitness offerings. In June, Pvolve announced a first-of-a-kind turnkey “Moving with Menopause” program for employers to offer to their employees. This complements hundreds of sculpting and cardio workouts in addition to “Movement Therapy” programs developed to help women with specific challenges and conditions they face in all stages of life. They include pelvic floor health, endometriosis, menstrual cycle syncing, pre- and postnatal care and pain management programs targeted at different parts of the body.

“Our employee benefits model is a turnkey solution for employers who want to empower their female and female-identifying employees with educational content in conjunction with a comprehensive science-backed, holistic fitness method,” said Julie Cartwright, President of Pvolve. “In just a few months, we have seen a big uptick in employers wanting to learn more about our employee wellness offering.”

Partnership with Globant

Globant, known worldwide for its “Women That Build” initiative and its ongoing focus on closing the gender gap, has made Pvolve available to more than 650 employees in the United States. Membership to Pvolve has been a part of Globant’s Monthly Wellness Benefit since November 2021.

Globant hopes to achieve 50 percent women and non-binary people in management positions by 2025. Today, almost 30 percent of Globant’s management positions are staffed by women.

Globant (NYSE: GLOB) is a digitally native technology services company that helps organizations reinvent themselves to create a way forward and unleash their potential. Globant has more than 25,900 employees worldwide and a presence in 20 countries. Globant works with some of the world’s largest companies including Google, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others.

“Partnering with Pvolve, a company fully dedicated to helping and supporting women, will allow us to reach our goal of creating a place of inspiration and growth, a workplace based on equality and diversity,” said Agustina Alberto, People Director for US & Canada at Globant.

Partnership with Easterseals Michigan

Easterseals Michigan will partner with Pvolve to offer employee wellness benefits to more than 1,000 employees. Under the terms of the agreement, Easterseals Michigan employees will be offered a 12-month membership that includes access to thousands of on-demand and live virtual classes.

“We were introduced to Pvolve as a wellness partner during our Mental Health IS Health campaign in May, and later partnered with them to support our employee wellness initiatives because of their proven track record and clinically-based approach to fitness,” said Jackie Hooper, Vice President of Human Resources for Easterseals Michigan. “Given that 85 percent of our employee population is female and within the age range of 25 to 55, we believe Pvolve is in the best position to serve and empower our employees. As a non-profit organization that provides services, supports and advocacy for people with disabilities, families, and communities, we are pleased to be able to take this step to advocate for and support our own employees through wellness membership in Pvolve, a company founded and operated by women.”

Partnership with SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub is integrating Pvolve into its widely hailed “Smile Well” employee wellness benefit, where its more than 1,000 employees can access a Pvolve digital membership as well as a 15-minute one-on-one consultation with one of Pvolve’s expert personal trainers. The company is also offering employees access to private live classes weekly. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, SmileDirectClub (Nasdaq: SDC) is an oral care company and creator of the first MedTech platform for teeth straightening.

“We believe strongly in providing opportunities to enhance the wellbeing of our team members,” said Cheryl DeSantis, Chief People & Diversity Officer at SmileDirectClub. “With Pvolve, our team members have access to hundreds of classes and programs that provide flexibility and accessibility to support them and their wellness goals both at work and at home.”

About Pvolve

Pvolve is the leader in evidence-based functional fitness and a nationwide employee wellness benefits provider. Headquartered in New York, the company delivers innovative content and experiences to its members in all 50 states and globally. Its science-backed, holistic fitness method for women harnesses the power of functional movement and proprietary equipment to nourish and restore while it shapes, tones and strengthens. Through its hybrid fitness model, Pvolve can be experienced in-studio, through live and on-demand virtual classes and via a growing franchised studio footprint. For more information, please visit, and @pvolve on Instagram.