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Celebrity-Favorite Fitness Method, Pvolve, Launches the P.3 Trainer

September 10, 2019

Celebrity-Favorite Fitness Method, P.volve, Launches the p.3 Trainer

September 20, 2019

Today, Pvolve, the innovative, fitness method loved by celebrities, models and influencers alike, launched the P.3 trainer ($69.99): a versatile, 3-in-1 product that strengthens and lengthens the body from head-to-toe. One of social media's most buzzed-about workouts and touted for its unique products, this is Pvolve's third proprietary piece of equipment (patent-pending) since their November 2017 launch.

Committed to designing fitness equipment that focuses on hard-to-reach muscles, the P.3 trainer sculpts the whole-body with a specific concentration on the core, arms and glutes. Consisting of a resistance band, 1.5 lb. ball, a handle (interchangeable with the weighted ball), and two ankle straps, this multi-use system is designed for both on-the-mat and standing exercises, achieving long, lean muscles, without the bulk. The P.3 trainer can take you from beginner to advanced moves connecting the arm and leg through the core under tension. Because of the resistance between the ankle strap and weighted ball (or handle), the P.3 trainer pushes the body beyond its threshold, forming a long, posture-aligning stretch from the tips of your fingers to your toes.

"Pvolve is dedicated to driving innovation in the fitness space and with the launch of our P.3, we are advancing the at-home and in-studio experience to the next level," says Founder and celebrity trainer Stephen Pasterino. "When I created the Pvolve method, my goal was to bring a fresh, safe and functional approach that challenges each person through variation of movement and purposefully designed equipment to micro-target, strengthen and tone the entire body. The P.3 trainer is the next chapter of the Pvolve performance story, offering efficiency and portability, so anyone, anywhere can experience a workout that matches a private training - I know our community will love it!"

Pvolve is backed by Camelot Venture Group, a private investment group that invests primarily in direct to consumer companies including online, disruptive businesses, catalog, retail, technology, financial services, and sports management. Pvolve launched in November 2017 with an initial investment of $10 million with its boutique studio in New York City, an online streaming service and a proprietary equipment line.

The global success and demand has pushed the company to build out a new 6,700 square foot state-of-the-art studio in New York City's Soho, which opens in October with plans to open additional studios in Los Angeles and Chicago by Q1 of 2020. Pvolve is also committed to bringing new proprietary equipment to market each year along with a robust streaming platform.

The P.3 trainer follows the company's revolutionary P.ball that targets the upper inner thighs, abs and lower butt (in a consumer study, 97% of women found the P.ball effective after two weeks of use), and the, a glove-inspired, hand-locking system that targets every inch of the arm, especially the under arm. Pvolve's online streaming platform features more than 200 workout videos, many which include workouts that feature its proprietary equipment and new content is uploaded weekly.

The revolutionary P.3 trainer and all of Pvolve's equipment and streaming services are available on its website. The P.3 can also be purchased in studio.

About Pvolve

Pvolve is a functional fitness method that challenges you through continual variation of movement and purposefully designed equipment to micro-target, strengthen and tone your entire body for a lifetime of new possibilities. Pvolve was founded on the belief that when you work with your body instead of against it, you forge a deeper level of connection to it. Pvolve launched in November 2017 and was founded by husband and wife duo, Stephen Pasterino and Rachel Katzman, in partnership with Camelot Venture Group, whose portfolio companies include 1-800 CONTACTS, SmileDirectClub and Quicken Loans. Available worldwide, Pvolve is headquartered in New York City. For more information, please visit and @pvolve on Instagram.