The Best Portable Exercise Equipment for Your Next Vacay

No matter your destination, these carry-on-friendly fitness accessories and sculpting moves will help you stay on top of your workout routine while out of town. 

If you’ve ever pressed pause on your workouts while away thanks to a lack of travel-friendly workout equipment or space in your hotel room, you know that getting back into it can feel like starting from scratch. It can take some effort to find your old groove, and you may even discover that moves you powered through pre-vacay have become surprisingly challenging. Indeed, research that looked at people who typically walk more than 10,000 steps a day found that 14 days of being mostly inactive led to a 4 percent drop in fitness levels and an increase in waist circumference and total body fat. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from your p.sits to focus on the pool and piña coladas (and—happy news!—the same study found that fitness levels bounced back to baseline after two weeks of resuming exercise). But if you’re one of the 53% of Americans who feel it’s very (or at least somewhat) important to work out while traveling, consider making some room in your suitcase for portable exercise equipment, like the four easy-to-pack products below. 

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, Pvolve’s Method makes it simple to stick with your exercise routine, especially with the new On-the-Go series. These five 30-minute-or-less workouts can be done in a cramped hotel room (or better yet, on the beach!). All you need are a few pieces of fitness accessories that can fit into even the smallest carry-on case. Consider it your first-class ticket to staying in shape while you’re OOO. 

4 Moves That Keep You Toned While Traveling 

Check out a sampling of the exercises from Pvolve’s On-the-Go series, all featuring packable workout gear that will change the way you travel. 

Step Back & Pull with the 

Travel workouts - Step Back & Pull | P.volve

Start in a hip hinge position (feet hip-distance, slightly hinged at hips with a soft bend in knees, and abdominals engaged) with thumbs hooked under the Extend your arms out in front of you about hip height with palms facing down and fingers elongated, then pull out to the sides slightly to engage your shoulder blades. Step your right foot back behind you, landing on the ball of the foot, while simultaneously extending arms upward. Pull the apart until your hands are just above the hairline, keeping palms facing out and right knee above right ankle. Step right foot forward while lowering the to return to start position. That’s one rep.
Do 8-10 reps, then switch sides. 

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Outer & Inner Thigh Cross with the Light Ankle Band 

Travel Workouts - Outer & Inner Thigh Cross | P.volve

Start with feet hip-distance, then step right foot back, keeping a soft bend in your left knee. Keeping a flat back, lean chest forward slightly and pull arms back into a T with elbows out. Keeping your heel high off the ground, step your right foot out to the right so that it’s on a back diagonal, then pause to engage your outer thighs. Lift the right foot and cross it back behind your left leg to engage inner thighs. That’s one rep.
Do 8-10 reps, then switch sides. 

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Glider Inner Thigh Cross with Gliders 

Travel workout - Glider Inner Thigh Cross | P.volve

Start with feet wider than hip distance, arms extended upward, and glider under the ball of your right foot. Shift your weight into your left leg and bend your left knee. Sit your hips back while reaching down toward your left foot, then return to standing while extending arms upward and to your right side and simultaneously crossing the glider in front of your left leg. Return to start position. That’s one rep.
Do 8-10 reps, then switch sides.   

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Forward Step with the Heavy Ankle Band (and optional hand weights or hotel water bottles) 

Travel workout - Forward Step | P.volve

Start with feet hip-distance and arms against your body with elbows tucked in and bent at a 90-degree angle (optional: hold weights or water bottles in hands). Keeping the left heel on the ground, step your right foot forward while simultaneously pressing bent arms up until elbows are at shoulder height. Lower hands and push off of your right foot to step back and return to start position. That’s one rep.
Do 8-10 reps, then switch sides.   

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