Getting Started: Learn the Foundational Moves

The Pvolve Method is unlike any other. We don’t work out for the sake of sweating; we move to improve mobility, strength, and stability so you can improve ur body's performance, feel your best and look damn good.

Your results lie in the details of your workouts: the positioning of your feet, the rotations in the movements, the angle of your hips. It can all feel awkward, uncomfortable or even confusing at first and might have you asking yourself how you can really know if you’re doing it all correctly.  

As a general rule of thumb, make sure to listen carefully to the trainers’ cues and know that learning the vocabulary of our method can feel like learning a new language. That’s why we say it takes about five classes for things to start to make sense and for the technique to settle in your body. Be patient with yourself, tune into your sensations and over time, you’ll begin to see and feel mobility, stability and strength build throughout your entire body.  

Master the Moves


The hip hinge is the most fundamental position that you’ll encounter in every Pvolve workout. This position mimics getting into and out of a chair and trains the glutes, the largest muscle group in the body, to fire properly in all your day-to-day movements. Sitting for prolonged periods of time and poor posture often create weakness and imbalance in the lower body, so this is your starting point for activating the glutes to unlock amazing results. Pay attention to Maeve’s details to keep your glutes engaged, core tight and spine long. 


Start with feet parallel and a soft bend in your knees, keep your left foot and knee facing forward and step your right leg out toward 5 o'clock as your hips turn toward 1 o'clock. Wrap your thighs outward as if pushing into a thigh band working the external rotation of your hips and outer glutes. Keep a long line through your torso and engage your core.


Start with your hips facing forward with your left leg facing forward. Find a wide step back with your left leg. Squeeze your inner thighs as you turn your pelvis toward your front leg and take your back foot to the back corner catching with your toes. Continue pressing through both big toes and focus on wrapping your things inward.



Start on all fours with your hips stacked over your knees actively pressing into the mat. Reach your right leg behind your keeping your core engaged and spine long. Hinge your hips back a few inches behind your knees to load your glutes. Maintain this shift back as you work through various leg lift exercises. 


The Moves & Equipment collection is here for you to learn everything you need to know as you get started! the moves and the equipment behind the method.  

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