5 Ways to Stay Hydrated All Summer Long

Whether exercising or not, drinking enough water throughout the day is so important. Not only does it help us in warmer weather, but it also helps us function properly. That means proper digestion, energy levels, clear skin and so much more. 

In honor of National Hydration Day, read up on our best tips for getting enough water into your diet.

1. Give yourself daily reminders. 

Set reminders on your phone or leave yourself a post-it note on the fridge to drink your fluids! It is so important to stay hydrated throughout the day and not wait too late in the day to get started. Our bodies thrive on hydration, especially in the morning when we wake up dehydrated and reach for the coffee before anything else. Try setting an alarm on your phone every hour and drink eight ounces of water to maintain steady levels of hydration throughout the day.

2. Don’t just drink your water—eat it, too.

A large portion of our daily water intake comes from the foods that we eat. Choosing nutritious foods that boast high water content will help keep your body hydrated along with drinking water. Fruits and vegetables are incredibly nourishing, hydrating and are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning and happy at its highest level. Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries are great options for foods with high water content to snack on throughout the day. 

3. Infuse your water.

For those who get bored with drinking plain water, try adding natural flavor to give it a boost. Fresh mint, citrus, cucumbers and berries are all delicious options to level up your flavor and nutrition content! 

4. Invest in a reusable water bottle.

Carrying around a nice water bottle will remind and motivate you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Plus, it’s also a money saver and better for the environment.

5. Opt for tea.

Sipping on herbal tea, whether steeped from a bag or made fresh, is another way to stay hydrated without having to drink plain water. The medicinal benefits of herbs are endless from promoting detoxification to regulating digestion. Avoid adding refined sugar to your tea and instead use natural, raw honey in moderation or fresh lemon.

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