Sculpt & Release: Why Stretching Is Important

Stretching the right way can help you feel good, perform better, and stay healthy. That’s why it’s always been an integral part of the Pvolve Method, and why we have series like Sculpt & Release featuring Licensed Massage Therapist and Recovery Expert Joe Yoon and Head Trainer & Director of Programming Maeve McEwen in our library.

The Sculpt & Release series includes 10 targeted Strength & Sculpt workouts followed by 10 minutes of stretching to set the foundation for you to achieve better overall performance in your everyday life. 

    The Benefits of Stretching

    Below, Joe shares why recovery through stretching should be just as important to your routine as the workout itself. 

    Benefit #1: Stretching helps improve your workouts 

    Stretching can help performance in your workout through the use of dynamic warmups. Dynamic warmups are stretching and mobility exercises that mimic some of the movements you will see in your workout so you body is fully prepared for it. Stretches before a work out also prepare your nervous system as well as prep muscles to handle what's ahead better, allowing yourself to perform at full throttle from beginning till end! 

    Benefit #2: Increased range of motion 

    One of the main reasons why people stretch is to increase mobility and flexibility. Your body can be seen as a master of compensation, meaning if one muscle or joint is "tight," your body will try and find the path of least resistance to achieve certain positions. This could lead to increased fatigue on other muscles that are over-compensating for these tight joints/muscles. 

    Benefit #3: Reduced stress and anxiety 

    Another reason why stretching is essential; it can be a way of calming your body down after an intense workout. Stretching combined with deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, decreasing your heart rate, decreasing stress, and sometimes helping to reduce anxiety. 

    Sculpt & Release takes this approach, utilizing self-massage with massage balls and other tools and stretches to optimize recovery at the end of each workout. 

    This program is going to give you a total body workout. You'll be strengthening your hips and shoulders with the and ankle bands, keeping those joints mobile using the slant board and cooling down post-workout by rolling out those tense muscles on the foam roller. As you progress through each session you begin to understand why Sculpt & Release is the perfect blend of strength and stability and elevating your recovery like the athlete you are! 

    For more info, sign up for a free-trial and check out the Sculpt & Release.


    Joe Yoon, LMT | P.volve

    Joe Yoon is a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, author of the book Better Stretching, and founder of the fitness training business Joetherapy. His clients and followers include Olympic Gold Medalists, NFL Pro Bowl players, championship bodybuilders, Hall of Fame golfers and basketball players, Hollywood celebrities, and people from every walk of life and age group. He lives in Orlando, Florida. 

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