No Equipment? With These Tips, It's No Problem

If you’ve exercised using any of Pvolve’s equipment, you know that they can take your workouts up a notch. Each piece, from our first-to-market p.ball to our versatile gliders, is designed to provide deep resistance for intense body sculpting. But if you don’t have your gear on hand, know that you can still get next-level results with the Pvolve Method. In fact, learning to move without equipment is hugely beneficial.

Equipment-free workouts such as calisthenics (or resistance training) rely on your own bodyweight to tone and strengthen. And Pvolve’s very own master trainer and Director of Programming Maeve McEwen has some tips to share for your own no-gear workouts. They’ll come in handy whether you’re a newbie just starting out with Pvolve, traveling without your favorite Pvolve products, or simply looking to change up your movements in whatever way you can.

The Benefit of Calisthenics vs. Weights

There’s a common misconception that bodyweight workouts won’t give you as good of a burn as one that uses equipment or weights. The truth is, both can be equally effective with proper form and muscle engagement, says Maeve. “With intentional movements and perfect form, working out with just your own bodyweight can be a great way to improve strength, joint function, and mind-body connection.”

In fact, bodyweight workouts and calisthenics (exercises designed to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement) can turn on and deeply activate muscles in preparation for movement with equipment. “Working out without equipment requires you to move more intentionally and have more mental focus,” Maeve explains. “When you are not using equipment, the main focus of your workout should be to actively engage every muscle in your body while focusing on your form."

Think of it this way: If you set a strong foundation first with just bodyweight training or calisthenics, it will be easier to translate that into more challenging movements when you do add in resistance of equipment or weights. And once you establish this foundation, the use of equipment (while keeping perfect form!) will further sculpt your body by firing up hard to reach muscles.

2 Bodyweight Workouts to Try

Try two of Maeve’s favorite moves to feel the power of no-equipment-needed bodyweight workouts in action.

Sit to Stand

No Equipment Exercise - Sit to Stand | P.volve

Begin in a deep hip hinge with your weight loaded back into your glutes and arms extended back. Squeeze your glutes and push into the floor as your sweep your arms overhead and stand tall keeping your core engaged. Pull your arms down to the side engaging your biceps and squeezing your shoulder blades together (as if you’re pulling a resistance band down from the ceiling!). Load back into your hinge as you actively squeeze your triceps to extend the elbows. 
Gradually pick up speed and repeat for 30-45 seconds.

Abdominal Curl

No Equipment Exercises - Abdominal Curl | P.volve

Begin on your back with your core braced and legs in tabletop position. Exhale to activate deeper into your core as you push both of your hands into your thigh while equally pushing your thigh back into your hands. Maintain the core activation, inhale and reach your arms and legs away from your midline. 
Return to the start position and repeat for 10-12 reps.

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