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No Equipment? With These Tips, It's No Problem
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No Equipment? With These Tips, It's No Problem

If you’ve used any of our equipment, you know how much it could all really turn up the volume on your workouts. Each piece, from our first-to-market p.ball to our versatile gliders, serves more than one purpose, but learning to move without equipment can be just as beneficial, too. 

Our very own master trainer Maeve McEwen is an expert at moving with intention without equipment, and has some tips to share for your own workouts. They’ll come in handy whether you’re a newbie just starting out with P.volve or a veteran looking to spice up your movements in whatever way you can. 

No equipment doesn’t mean no focus.

Just because you don’t have added resistance around your ankles or weights in hand doesn’t mean your movements can’t be highly effective. In fact, moving without equipment can help turn on and deeply activate the muscles in preparation for movement with equipment.

“Working out without equipment requires you to move more intentionally and requires more mental focus,” Maeve explains. “When you are not using equipment, the main focus of your workout should be to actively engage every muscle in your body while perfecting your form."

No equipment doesn’t mean no results.

There’s a common misconception that an equipment-free workout won’t give you as good of a burn as one with equipment. The truth is, both can be equally effective with proper form and muscle engagement. According to Maeve, “With intentional movements and perfect form, working out with just your own body weight can be a great way to improve strength, joint function, and mind-body connection.” 

No equipment now means more movement later.

Think of it this way: If you set a strong foundation first with no equipment, it will be easier to translate that into more challenging movements with the added resistance of equipment. Once you set your foundation, using the resistance based equipment with perfect form will further  sculpt your body by firing up hard to reach muscles. Then, you’ll be ready to fire up the muscles more deeply, plus improve your posture and balance once ready to incorporate equipment into your routine.

Try two of Maeve’s favorite moves to feel the power of no equipment workouts in action:

  1. 6 O’Clock Long Leg Squeeze: Start in a 6 o’clock step back position with both arms overhead.  Shift your weight into your standing heel and hover your back leg.  Begin by stretching the position longer to feel your back glute fire and the front of your hip open. Use your low abs to pull your knee towards your center and frame the knee with the hands.  Move as if you’re underwater. Return to the starting position by squeezing your back glute. Repeat 8 times on both sides.
  2. Kneeling P.sits / Forward Lunge Rotations:  Start on your knees and sit back 2-3 inches as you squeeze your glutes. Shift your weight into one leg as you lift the opposite leg up and forward into a kneeling lunge using your low abs. Rotate towards the front leg using your core and squeezing the inner thighs. Drive off the standing glute and resist the motion using your low abs and glutes to return to the kneeling position. Repeat 8 times on both sides.

Find new equipment-free workouts on our streaming platform every week, or try the 7-Day No Equipment Series to fine-tune your form at any fitness level.