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Mat Definition infuses traditional Mat Pilates techniques with the Pvolve Method for targeted muscle work, longer holds and deep core activation. 

You might already know how much our Method focuses on the core, and that’s because it’s the center of everything we do—not just during functional movement workouts, but in your everyday life. And while we love some good standing abs and plank work with the gliders, we’re always looking for new ways to add versatility to your workouts and spice up your routine. Mat Definition will do all of that, and so much more.  

What is Mat Definition? 

Mat Definition combines the principles of mat Pilates with Pvolve for deep core activation with a focus on precision, stability and control. All workouts are high-intensity, low-impact mat flows with an emphasis on the core. In each flow, you will challenge your stamina and endurance while sculpting and building core strength.

Where should I start?

We suggest starting with one of the two Mat Definition series on-demand.  They are structured similarly, but are different levels. The 6-Day Core Foundation series will teach you form and technique addressing every muscle group that’s part of the core. This program is great for beginners or any member looking for an in depth understanding of proper core work. 

The 8-Day Core series is perfect for anyone looking for an intense full body sculpting workout with an emphasis on core. This is a more intermediate to advanced program with options to progress or regress according to your current level of fitness. 

You can start anywhere you want but we highly recommend going over at least the first three videos in the 6-Day Core Foundation series, as these will offer an in-depth understanding of proper core work and technique. It’s crucial to understand that the more efficiently we move, the faster (and safer) we can achieve results. Quality always comes first! 

What’s the best piece of equipment for core work?

The P.ball is the most versatilebut the P.3 is a Pvolve favorite for mat core work. It resembles Pilates equipment and is more likely to ensure you move from the right muscles. The P.3 is by far the best piece of equipment to help you learn how to activate and connect with your transverse abdominals (your deepest abdominal muscle) and how to work from a strong center. 

Do you recommend combining Mat Definition with other Pvolve classes? 

These series and classes can absolutely be combined with other Pvolve workouts. You can absolutely focus on a week of abs on their own if you want, but we created these workouts to provide variety while still adhering to the same principles of the Method you know and love. Mat Definition is yet another facet of Pvolve designed to help you keep building a stronger, more balanced body. 

Three Moves to Sculpt Your Core

Double leg stretch with the p.ball and hand weight

Mat Definition - Double Leg Stretch | P.volve

Lying down with the P.ball on, bring your legs to a tabletop position (knees bent at 90 degrees right over the hips) and squeeze the p.ball. Lift your head, neck and shoulders up with one light hand weight in hands. Inhale to lengthen the legs and arms away from one another and exhale to squeeze back into tabletop.
Repeat 12-15 reps with the shoulder blades off the floor and the abs braced downward.

P.3 Supported Rotations with P.ball

Mat Definition - Core Rotations | P.volve

Lie down with the P.ball under the mid-back right below the shoulder blades and above the pant-line.  With your P.3 attached to the right ankle, right leg long and the left knee bent with foot grounded into the floor, take the ball in the right hand and reach up on the diagonal. Inhale rotate to the left and exhale rotate to the right, being sure to twist from the ribcage while keeping the pelvis still.
Repeat 10x with the P.3 on the right ankle and then switch to repeat 10x on the left leg.

Isometric P.band Hold with Single Leg Lower and Lift

Mat Definition - Isometric Hold with Single Leg Lower and Lift | P.volve

With the p.band on, bring your legs to a tabletop position (knees bent at 90 degrees right over the hips) and lift your head, neck and shoulders up off the floor. Maintaining tabletop, press your left hand into your right knee to create tension through the abs. Extend your left leg to the ceiling and your right hand back, bicep by ear. Inhale to stretch your left leg down and exhale to lift the leg back up while holding your right arm still to deepen the connection into your abdominals.
Repeat 10 reps with left leg and then switch sides, being sure to keep the shoulder blades off the floor and the abs braced downward. Reset between sides if needed.

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