Sculpt and Tone with the P.ball

It’s full-body workout in one clever little piece of equipment.

The P.ball is a unique workout tool that was originally created to sculpt and tone the inner thighs, but as the Pvolve Method evolved, throughout the years, so did the way we thought about our signature piece of equipment. We now consider the P.ball a full-body-sculpting must-have that works your body in countless ways. In fact, this inflatable fitness ball with attached elastic strap is our most-used piece of equipment across all of our classes (Strength & Sculpt, Cardio Burn, Mat Definition, Recovery & Stretch, Movement Therapy). If you’re looking for a piece of equipment for your next at-home full-body workout, the P.ball is here to help.

“It really is such an incredible tool to not only turn on and feel the inner thigh and glute muscles, but to activate those deeper lower core muscles that tend to be hard to connect to,” says Rachel Katzman, co-founder of Pvolve. “Using the P.ball strap on its own burns out the lower body and the upper body. You can use the P.ball behind the back for deep core work. It’s also an incredible tool for stretching.”

What distinguishes the P.ball from other exercise balls, like a Pilates ball, for example, is the removable resistance band. It helps the ball stay in place while doing standing work and full-body workout movements, and also helps target the outer thighs and glutes. The size and density of the ball were carefully calibrated to offer just the right amount of squeeze, and to be effective for both targeted work and a full-body workout. And the removable strap can be used separately for heavy resistance for the arms and thighs. The result: “This ball truly can do it all—tone, sculpt, restore, and repair the body,” Katzman says. “In fact, Pvolve’s Back Strengthening Series is the first workout collection clinically proven to treat lower back pain*, and the star of the program is the P.ball.”

What makes the P.ball so effective, Katzman says, is that everyone—no matter their fitness level or interest—can see results after using it. “It’s an amazing tool for every woman, every age, every fitness level, and at every stage of her life.”

Not sure where to get started with your P.ball? Check out the all-new P.ball Series, this 8-part low-impact fitness program targets the glutes, thighs, core, arms, back shoulders, pelvic floor, and more, incorporating all the elements of the P.ball to provide unbelievable results throughout your whole body. unbelievable results throughout your whole body.

Why else you might want to try this series? Like all of the Pvolve programming, the series is designed around the principles of functional movement, which help you move better in the world outside your workout, either by mimicking the movements you do in everyday activity, or by strengthening the muscles necessary to do them. Often, these moves will simultaneously sharpen your mind-to-muscle connection so you can move more freely and feel more open in your body all day, every day. Add in the P.ball to take it all to the next level and you’ve got yourself one effective series.


9 Moves for a Total Body Workout with the P.ball 

P.ball Ankle Walk
P.ball Walk | Pvolve
Targets: outer glutes
Place P.ball strap around the outside of both ankles. Stand with knees slightly bent and feet wide, upper body leaning forward from waist. Take 3-4 steps forward with each foot, then reverse, all while keeping maximum tension on the strap.
Repeat 5 times leading with the right leg, and then 5x leading with the left leg.

P.ball Plank

P.ball plank | Pvolve

Targets: core and inner thighs
Place P.ball between your inner thighs, all the way up to your pelvic floor. Find a plank position, spreading through your fingers, shoulders and hips all in one line, abdominals tight. Click your heels together, squeezing the P.ball and lighting up your inner thighs and glutes. Return heels to parallel.
Repeat 15 times with a 10 second hold on the final rotation.

Oblique Chop

Oblique Chop with P.ball | Pvolve

Targets: abs and inner thighs
Place P.ball between your inner thighs, all the way up to your pelvic floor. Come to a side-lying position on the floor, propped up on one forearm. Roll back so you are balanced on the outer glute with legs in a long diamond shape, squeezing the P.ball. Start to lift and lower your legs, squeezing through your core, staying on an angle. You can take your free hand behind your head for an ab challenge.
Repeat 8 times each side.  

Knee Drives

Standing P.ball Crunch | Pvolve

Targets: upper body, core, glutes
Step your right foot back, heel high, and hinge your upper body forward on a long diagonal, P.ball in hands overhead. Start driving your knee in and out while pumping the ball towards the knee and overhead, elevating your heart rate and kicking in some cardio! Be sure to stay low to bring the heat into the standing glute and keep your spine long and abs tight.
Repeat move continuously for 60 seconds each side, going as fast as you can without sacrificing form.

Lateral P.ball Strap Pull

Lateral P.ball Strap Pull | Pvolve

Targets: upper body
Remove the P.ball strap and hold ends in each hand in an overhead V-shape. Keeping your arms straight, engage your lats and move your hands down on a diagonal, squeezing from your back and creating tension as you pull. Return to starting position.
Repeat 15 times.

Quadruped Kickback 

Quadruped Kickback | Pvolve

Targets: hamstrings and base of glutes
Position P.ball strap around your mid thighs and start in quadruped position. Place your right forearm on the mat and lift your left leg at a 90-degree angle, as high as you can while keeping the lower back long. Bracing your core and keeping your spine stable, lift your left leg up and down 1-2 inches, engaging your glutes and hamstring and pushing into the band.
Repeat 12 times and switch sides.

P.ball Scissors

P.ball Scissors | Pvolve

Targets: abs
Place the P.ball under your sacrum, the large bone right underneath your lower back at the base of your pelvis. With your arms out to your sides in a T, lift your legs into tabletop. Maintaining a braced core, ribs knit together, stretch your left leg out straight, tapping your heel towards the ground. Return left leg to table top and complete the same movement with your right leg. Be sure not to arch the lower back.
Repeat 20 times, alternating sides.

P.ball with Pelvic Floor Activation 

P.ball Pelvic Floor Activation | Pvolve

Targets: pelvic floor
Start in quadruped position with arms directly below shoulders and knees below hips, P.ball between your inner thighs, all the way up to your pelvic floor. Shift your body back, then forward, inhaling and spreading your sits-bones as you shift back shift then exhaling, squeezing the core and P.ball as you shift forward. To activate the pelvic floor on your exhale, think you are stopping the flow of urine, stopping gas from passing and draw your abdominals in and up, feeling those deep muscles contract.
Repeat 12 times, moving slowly with focused intention on elongating your breath and contracting through your musculature. 

P.ball and Hand Weights Stability Challenge

P.ball Stability Challenge | Pvolve

Targets: glutes & core
Place P.ball between your inner thighs, all the way up to your pelvic floor. Open your right foot out into an open step position, reaching your arms with light hand weights forward shoulder height. Be sure the left foot is vertical and right foot horizontal. Keeping your left foot vertical, push off your back leg and squeeze the ball in a hydrant balance, hips twisting towards your front foot. On your balance, swim your arms back behind you into a tricep kick back position. Think of mobilizing your hips so you go from external to internal rotation to fire up the glutes.
Repeat 10 times each leg.

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