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Your Black Friday Shopping Guide
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Your Black Friday Shopping Guide

The holidays aren’t often thought of as the time to get your fit together. But in a year when so much is different, it’s important to focus on the things that serve us best and help us to move into a stronger, brighter new year. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up all our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for you to curate your strongest routine for the strongest results. 

BLACK FRIDAY (11/23-11/29) 

50% Off Kits & Sets 

If you’re looking to go all in on your fitness goals.... 

Get 50% off kits, which includes 3-month access to hundreds of workouts on demand, with code BF50 at checkout. 

50% Off Memberships  

If you’re ready to press play on your strongest routine yet... 

Get 50% off digital memberships to our on-demand library to start seeing results today.* Use code BF50 at checkout. 

50% Off Classes 

If you’re missing the IRL class experience.... 

Get your workouts in at one of our locations or in the Virtual Studio with 50% off all memberships. Use code BF50 at checkout. 

CYBER WEEK (11/30-12/6) 

30% Off Orders Over $50 

If you’re on the hunt for total-body strength.... 

Get 30% off all orders over $50 for full-body activation and total-body strength. Use code CM30 at checkout.

Get started today with a 14-day free streaming trial.