Introducing The p.3 Trainer

One of P.volve’s core messages is #evolvewithPvolve, and every day, we try to do just that by keeping up with the thousands of you who challenge the method and come up with new ways to help it grow.
We’re proud to introduce our newest piece to that puzzle—the p.3 trainer. Our team of experts developed the p.3 as a crucial component to work hand-in-hand with the other elements of the program. The p.3 uses a detachable handle, resistance cord, and ankle strap to work the entire length of the body in one fluid motion. For added resistance, the equipment allows for a weighted ball to be used. The 1.5-lb. ball is recommended only for floor work, where you’re able to stabilize the body through more difficult movements. The equipment isn’t just cutting-edge and versatile; it also allows for the greatest range of motion in movements that target the arms, back, abs, and more.
Below, read more about the p.3’s creation from our experts. Then, be sure to order it so you can be prepared to see it in streaming videos and studio classes in the weeks to come.
What was the inspiration behind the p.3 trainer?
The inspiration came from P, who wanted a ball that had a manageable weight but was around the size of a baseball. He was inspired by other medicine and workout balls, but found these were a bit too large for women’s hands, so he and the team began talking about downsizing it. From there, the team began taking about adding resistance to it to be able to work and lengthen the arms, shoulders, back and abs, and having it be connected to ankle straps to get proper tension. The handle was implemented for longer sequences and safe, effective movements.
How does this piece of equipment fit seamlessly the P.volve method?
The p.3 is a resistance-based piece of equipment that holds the same prehab approach to fitness as the other pieces of equipment by creating length and space in the joints, and allowing the body to move in the way that it’s meant to move.
In addition, the p.3 fulfills the need for clients to more effectively work the back muscles. And with this versatile piece of equipment, every movement hits multiple areas—so arm workouts hit the back, ab movements incorporate the arms, and so on.

What does it offer that other equipment doesn’t?
All the force of the p.3 is coming from the ground up, whether that be with standing moves or floor work. This allows for complete body awareness and control in each movement, and even more opportunity to produce power through each move. Plus, the p.3 resistance band requires no tying around a poll, holding between a door, or any other makeshift contraption as others do. Instead, your body is the catalyst for controlled resistance and ease of movement. 

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