How to Optimize Your Cycle with Phase & Function

Month after month, 75% of people with periods suffer from PMS symptoms. That’s 63 million people dealing with unwanted cramps, mood swings, fatigue and so much more. 

And despite it all, we’re conditioned to work against our bodies — to ignore the negative thoughts, eat the wrong foods and force the wrong workouts throughout the month, causing more harm than good.  

It's time to flip the script on all of that with Phase & Function, the series that matches your movement and mindset to the ebb and flow of your menstrual cycle and hormones. 

In this series, you’ll learn how to pair your body's own power with the Pvolve Method to impact how you feel and act each month by learning how to give your body what it needs, when it needs it. This groundbreaking, clinically backed approach was designed to reduce PMS symptoms, help with weight loss, improve energy, and offer phase-specific mindset shifts for better productivity, communication, relationships and personal development. 

Learn more about how Phase & Function will help you take control of your body and optimize the way that you live.  

Get to know the phases of your cycle

During every menstrual cycle, your body undergoes hormonal shifts characterized by four distinct phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal. Each phase calls for different workout formats, levels of intensity and durations, as well as specific approaches to nutrition and mindset according to the balance of hormones present. 
No matter what phase you’re in, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and tools to work with your body to look better, feel better and move better in everyday life. 

We've based the below timing on a 28-day cycle, but everyone's cycle is unique. Use these timeframes as a guide to keep track of your phases:

Menstrual: 4-7 days
Follicular: 7-10 days
Ovulatory: 3-5 days
Luteal: 10-14 days  

Your energy levels are the biggest indicator for a change in phase, so look out for subtle shifts and allow your workouts to match how you feel.

Menstrual Phase: 

You're on your period. Prepare to take a pause, move gently and eat to replenish your body with the nutrients that are lost during your bleed. 

Follicular Phase: 

Get ready to match your hormone shift with max creativity, faster-paced movements and fresh, vibrant eats. 

Ovulatory Phase: 

Time to amp it all up! Take advantage of your max estrogen levels by speaking up, challenging your body and fueling for detoxification. 

Luteal Phase: 

Lean into the progesterone high of this phase with an organized mind, shorter workouts and satisfying, nutrient-dense foods. 

Meet the experts 

Phase & Function was created by our team of expert trainers in conjunction with members of our Clinical Advisory Board. Each brings their expertise to one—or more—of the three areas of focus for our holistic approach: mind (to find the best way to approach your career, sex and more), movement (to optimize your body’s energy and strength at every phase) and meals (to properly fuel your body according to your hormone fluctuations.) 

Antonietta Vicario, Chief Training Officer  

Antonietta Vicario brings 15 years of movement experience to Phase & Function. Her breadth and scope of certifications in all movement modalities including  Pilates Mat, Yoga, Pre and Post Natal, and the Gray Institute, inform all of Vicario's workouts, bringing movement science and a deep embodied knowledge forward into her teachings. 

“Phase & Function is a gamechanger! Being able to track and follow workouts, meals and mindfulness recommendations that sync with my cycle has helped me understand my body, work more in tune with it, and ultimately feel more energized in my day to day!” 

Maeve McEwen, Lead Trainer 

Maeve McEwen uses movement as a tool for self-empowerment and discovery. As a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Maeve was integral in working with the team to create workouts that strengthen and enhance the body's needs within all four phases of the menstrual cycle. 

“Understanding how the natural hormonal fluctuations can affect my energy levels, appetite and mood, Phase & Function has given me the tools to make choices that support and build up my body throughout the four different phases of my menstrual cycle.” 

Alexia Acebo, Contributing Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Alexia Acebo uses food as the foundation to create a holistic plan based on what will work best for your body and your life. She paired her functional outlook on mindset, movement, and meals with our expert adviser Vanessa and Dr. Tewari to offer the best recommendations for all four phases of the menstrual cycle. 

“This series gets rid of the confusion around the best moves, the best mindset, and the best meals to achieve your goals. Instead, you’ll find out what’s uniquely best for you- to decrease PMS symptoms, effortlessly lose and maintain weight, and learn the guidance YOUR body has always had to offer.” 

Vanessa Rissetto, MS, RD, CDNRegistered Dietician  

Vanessa Rissetto is a nutritionist and registered dietician who worked with Alexia to develop the entire nutrition portion of Phase & Function, ensuring that every ingredient and meal works  for each of the four phases. She has a Master’s in Nutrition from New York University and specializes in bariatric surgery, parenteral and eternal nutrition, adult weight management and infectious disease.  

“To properly fuel your body in accordance with your hormones, we worked to develop phase-specific food lists and recipes. We curated nutritional options that complement the workouts in an innovative way to create one home for an empowered period.” 

Dr. Suman Tewari, MD, OB-GYN 

Dr. Tewari is an obstetrician-gynecologist who worked closely with our team of experts and trainers to ensure all workouts match the ebb and flow of your hormones in any given phase. Dr. Tewari has over 20 years of experience in the medical field and functional medicine. She specializes in helping women balance hormones, hot flashes, sexual pain, breast health, uterine disorders and related conditions. 

“Focusing on your mind, the program will teach participants how to take advantage of hormone fluctuations throughout the month and find the best ways to approach external factors such as careers, relationships, sex, and more.” 

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