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Three Stretches for Tight Hips


Hit these three Hip flexor stretches

Did you know that the hips are the center of your whole body, acting as the steering wheel that guides you to run, rotate and everything in between? That's why P.volve puts so much emphasis on hip health. Every movement in our method puts function first to get your body working right before anything else. Whether you're in a classic Strength & Sculpt class or a faster-paced Cardio Burn, we pay extra close attention to opening up your hips and incorporating stretches to help loosen them.

Unlike most other fitness methods, P.volve helps to prevent soreness and tightness in the hip flexors that comes with hours of sitting at a desk or high-impact activities.

Plus, opening up the hips is essential for toning the glutes and thighs - an added perk if you're looking to get strong and toned on top of more flexible and mobile. With our method, over time, your hips will begin to wake up, feel looser and be better equipped to guide you in your everyday life. Get started below with three tight hip stretches:

Step Back & Reach

Start in a neutral standing position, then step your right foot back to six o'clock with your heel up.

Squeeze the glute and lift up from the core as you bring your hands up to the ceiling.

Repeat eight times on both sides.

Kneeling Reach

Bring one knee forward to 90 degrees while keeping back knee planted into the mat.

Squeeze back glute as you lift up from the core, allowing your eyes to follow your hands.

Repeat eight times on both sides.


Start on the mat with your right knee bent in front of you and your left leg stretched back.

Pull your right heel in as you slowly bend over the front knee and breathe before switching to the opposite side.



Our workouts combine dynamic joint movement with one-of-a-kind resistance equipment to activate and strengthen each and every muscle. You’ll learn how to move your body the way it was designed to move, which improves your body’s performance, reduces everyday pain and leaves you looking amazing.

When you know your body better, you can evolve into the best version of yourself.

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