3 Resistance Band Moves to Tone Your Butt

If you work out regularly with resistance bands, then you know they pack a punch. There are a few reasons for this: the stretch of the bands offer up a big range of motion, meaning you can really challenge your body and lengthen through every movement. They’re also a form of low-impact resistance training. Pair them with the Pvolve Method, and you’re in for functional movement that is gentle on the joints but definitely not easy.  

Those who love our light ankle band know how versatile it is. Whether you’re using it on the mat or while you’re standing, it activates your leg and glute muscles with every movement, all while helping you improve mobility, stability or balance, depending on the exercise at hand.

Now that you know just how much of a game changer our light ankle band can be, check out how you can incorporate it into your workout routine with these 3 moves to tone your lower body.

Ankle Band Exercises - Rainbow Reach | P.volve

Start on all fours and shift your upper body back an inch so your hands are slightly in front of your shoulders and your knees are directly below your hips. Take your right leg straight behind you with your toe touching the floor and heel lifted to the ceiling. Lift your right leg up to hip height and bring it over to the corner of the mat on an angle. Then you'll bring it back up and return to center. Keep your core and right glute engaged and make sure you don't arch your back.
Repeat 8 times on each side. 

Ankle Band Exercises - Hip Pull | P.volve

Start with your right leg back on an angle. Pull your knee in to a 90-degree angle, keeping a wide distance between legs before extending your right leg back out on angle.
Repeat 8 times on each side.

Ankle Band Exercises - Knee Hydrant | P.volve

Start on all fours. Keeping your right knee bent at 90-degree angle, lift your right leg as high as you can without going above your hip. Bring your right leg down half way and back up to where you started. 
Repeat 8 times on each side. 

Looking for more? You can use ankle weights in addition to the light ankle band to create toned, leaned legs, and a lifted butt. 

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