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Armed & Ready: 3 Moves to Tone the Underarm
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Armed & Ready: 3 Moves to Tone the Underarm

Welcome to Armed & Ready, your one-stop shop for all things arms. At P.volve, we strive for long and strong, not sore and bulked. When it comes to the arms, there are countless ways to engage and tone, but it’s our commitment to form and innovative equipment that helps target those hard-to-reach spots. Last time, we worked on the triceps, and this time around, we’re focusing on a pesky little area in the underarm.
There are areas of the arms we all know and work on regularly—biceps, triceps, shoulders—but there are even more tiny, hard-to-reach areas that most movements don’t target. 
The underarm is one such area, where the upper arm and chest meet. It’s commonly known as “armpit fat” amongst women, where excess skin shows in a dress or bra. This spot is particularly hard to tone because most arm exercises are one dimensional and only focus on the main areas. Our moves to spot-reduce this area require two pieces of equipment: the 2-lb. hand weights and the Both offer light but effective resistance and the ability to work freely through each movement. Ahead, find three moves that best use the equipment for armpit toning.
The Hugger

Start with one leg back, heel up, one weight in each hand. Bring arms up to 90 degree angle, elbows out, and hands facing each other. Keep one hand higher than the other, squeeze arms into a hugging motion, and engage armpit area. Stretch back out to starting position. Repeat 8 times.
Taking Flight

Start with arms out in front of you, one weight in each hand. As you step leg back, stretch the arms up and out into a flying stance. Squeeze armpit area as you step back in and bring arms back down to starting position. Repeat 8 times.
Kneeling Pull

Start on knees with one hand secure in the and the other end under one knee. Angle the secured arm inward with a 90 degree angle and squeeze up one inch. Repeat 8 times on both sides.

Stay tuned for more to come from our arm series, Armed & Ready. In the meantime, watch these streaming videos or try us risk-free for 15 days.