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Sculpts & Tones • Improves Mobility & Flexibility • Increases Stability & Balance • Builds Strength


Sculpt your body with deep, efficient muscle engagement created by our unique combo of low-impact movement and specialized equipment.


With a variety of class types and series, we can help shape, tone, lift, and strengthen and so. much. more.


We put education at the forefront with best-in-class instructors, a Clinical Board, and info-packed workouts designed to make you the expert of your body.

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Meet the women who have discovered the life-changing power of daily functional movement.
“P.volve is a fitness method that just "gets it." I love that we're never doing a crunch for the sake of doing a crunch - it's the epitome of mindful movement and never sacrificing functionality for optics.”


“My body has seen great improvements including reduced pain, increased mobility, and better balance. The best benefit has been my mental clarity. Starting my day with P.volve gives me the focus and the will to go about my day with positivity and strength.”


“I love that P.volve shows alternative movements for those of us who are dealing with pain but want to continue to work out. Since working out with P.volve, I haven’t had any major issues with my knees like I did when I was going to the gym.”


"I look forward to P.volve everyday and I know every instructor is going to push me to my best form and self. I love the way the instructors speak about the movement and our bodies, focusing on mobility and strength. I can't get enough."



Can a workout make you feel even better than when you started? P.volve does. Find out how.

"Within a month of four weekly workouts, the joint pain I had was easing. After three months, the flexibility of my teenaged ballet-honed body had returned. I had developed the ab crack I’d desired for so long, but believed impossible"

"You feel your muscles being challenged in the best possible way. It’s the type of thing you could commit to doing regularly and over a long period of time."

"P.volve has become a success story in the fitness world and an inspiration to others in the space. They take a holistic approach by bridging the gap between fitness and healthcare."

“P.volve talks pivoting, trusting your gut and destroying the taboos around women’s health”

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415 W. Broadway, Floor 2,
New York, New York 10012

8447 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

730 W. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60661

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Not seeing one in your location? Open a studio in your area!
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Not seeing one in your location? Open a studio in your area!
Learn more.

Not seeing one in your location? Open a studio in your area!
Learn more.

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