Are Rest Days Really That Important?

Rest days are built into the foundation of the P.volve method. Taking time to rest is an important part of the process to leaning out and toning your body as much as it can. I am often very strategic with how I plan out the rest days for my 1-on-1 clients, constantly needing to adjust them to ever-changing schedules. It also depends on how many days in a row the body can handle working out. This limit is different for everyone; it may be after 4-5 days in a row, or it may be after 2 days in a row. Personally, I like to do 3-5 days in a row and then take a rest day or two.

It is crucial to always listen to your body and do what it is telling you it needs. You will know when it needs a rest. You want to keep the body at its most healthy state at all times and make sure you’re not over challenging it. I have never gotten the best results with clients from having them do 7-8 days in a row. Doing so can lead to swelling, which often leaves you fatigued, and ultimately won’t enable you to do the workout effectively.

Remember, throughout the P.volve method we are building that solid foundation-- we are opening the hips, we are building the glutes, so even when you leave the gym, you are still activating these muscles throughout your daily activities. Don’t ever feel guilty if you can’t get a workout in one day, or just need that rest.

On rest days, I highly recommend stretching! You can take the warm ups or cool downs from the streaming videos and do a few of them, or do whatever stretches you like. See below for two of my favorite stretches for opening up the hips.

  1. Start in a kneeling position on the floor, butt back. Lunge one leg directly out to the side, making sure your knee never goes over the ankle. Slowly push into the stretch, repeat 8x then switch legs.
  2. Holding this lunge position take your leg out on a front diagonal, and slowly push into the stretch. Again making sure the knee never goes over the ankle. This should be a deeper stretch in the front of the hip. Repeat 8x then switch legs.




I also advise clients to take a hot bath, and try adding in some Epsom salt and essential oils to aid in muscle recovery. Hitting the sauna (I’m loving infrared lately) is another great option, and of course it never hurts to #treatyourself to a massage!