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How to Factor Self-Care & Rest Days Into Your Routine
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How to Factor Self-Care & Rest Days Into Your Routine

Rest days are built into the foundation of the P.volve method. Taking time to recover and recuperate is an essential part of the process to tone and elongate the muscles, almost as much as the actual workouts are.

If you're familiar with our challenges and method, you know that most weeks call for 4-5 days of workouts. That leaves at least one day of rest to allow your body to prepare for what's to come. But during those rest days, stretching exercises can work to increase flexibility. Stretching doesn't just help muscles relax, but it's also an important part of total-body self-care.

Rest day workouts like this act as a way to breathe and focus on something slower and with less intensity than your body might be used to. Plus, they can act as a real workout on days your body needs to slow down and relax. See below for our favorite stretching exercises to help you increase flexibility and slow down on rest days.

Mat Hip-Opening Stretch

Opening the hips is a crucial part of every P.volve movement, and in this 6-minute stretch, you'll learn how. Be sure to move through each with focus and ease so you're able to really feel the stretch on either side.

Standing Hip-Opening Stretch

It's nothing but you and the floor for this quick stretch. Move through a series of dynamic stretches that will warm up the muscles without any inflammation or overexertion. 

Pre-Cardio Stretch

Need to warm up before cardio? P has a 30-minute stretch that incorporates equipment to really engage the muscles. You'll learn the power of fluid stretches that are perfect for rest days, too. 

Upper Body Stretch

Focus on the shoulders, core and back in this upper body stretch. In just a few minutes, you'll learn to stabilize the lower body and work the arms—the perfect stretch after an intense arm day.

Stay tuned for more stretching videos to come on our streaming platform, or get started with your 15-day free trial today.