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Survivor Stories: Emma & Rebecca's Mother-Daughter Journey
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Survivor Stories: Emma & Rebecca's Mother-Daughter Journey

In the spirit of being Unfiltered for the month of October and in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we're proud to share inspiring stories from our members who have battled or are currently battling breast cancer. This is more than just a chance to see how movement and P.volve played a role in their journey; it's an opportunity for the women in our community to take the mic and share their stories in the most honest, raw way—no filters needed.

Anyone who’s been through a cancer battle with a loved one knows they are not the only one suffering; the disease affects friends, family and anyone else in their life, too. 

Member Emma knows that all too well. When her mom received a breast cancer diagnosis, it turned her world upside down. But through the process, she and her family learned the importance of gratitude and perseverance. Aside from the day-to-day, Emma and her mother Rebecca looked to movement as an outlet of positivity and stress relief.

Below, learn more about the mother-daughter duo’s journey, and be sure to join us in our continual support of breast cancer research by signing up for our Moves for Boobs class on 10/23. 

What were your first feelings and thoughts when you received your diagnosis? What are your feelings now?  

“When my mom was diagnosed, we were shocked and dismayed, as my mom has no risk factors and we’ve always lived such a healthy lifestyle. Now, as she’s successfully completed treatment, we are so grateful that she was able to overcome it.”

What were the things that got you through this difficult time? Who and what were your support systems?  

“When she was going through treatment, we tried to support my mom as best we could and spent a lot of time together as a family.”

How did exercise and/or P.volve play a role? Was exercise even on your mind? If you could exercise, was there a mental aspect to it beyond just the physical benefits?  

“For exercise, we did P.volve and went for walks, and my mom did her physical therapy to help her chest heal from the surgery. All of this helped to improve her mobility, her mood and relieve stress.”

What do you wish people who have never been through cancer knew? What questions do you wish people did or didn't ask?  

“My mom and I want people to know that you have so many people supporting you, from your family, friends, coworkers, doctors, and fellow survivors; you are surrounded by love through the duration of treatment. ‘I was inspired by other women’s stories, and hearing that they got through it gave me the courage to believe I could move through it, too,’ my mom says. ‘This is what allowed me to stay positive and move forward through the process.’”

What is one thing about cancer we don't talk about enough? 

“My mom’s advice to others is to try to develop a perspective of gratitude that you are healing everyday. Also, that a cancer diagnosis shows how precious one’s health is, and that we who are healthy should all be thankful every day for our health. It has also shown me how strength and perseverance can withstand all challenges.” 

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