Do This Express Slant Board Workout in 7 Minutes or Less

There are the days when you can get in a full 60-minute workout, and there are days you just can't. And while most think that more time means more results, the real focus should be on form and properly activating the muscles. With the right equipment and just a few minutes time, you can tone and define just about any part of the body. 

Take the slant board, for example. This piece of equipment elevates every workout by offering new angles and the ability to increase flexibility, balance and strength through each movement. The slant board goes up to a 21-degree angle with alternate incline settings to allow the muscles to work in infinite ways. 

We chose our favorite moves on the slant board to squeeze in a quick 7-minute workout. Yes—just 7 minutes to feel the muscles in your lower body turn on! Each movement will only take about one minute on both sides, so be sure to move slowly and with precision. Then, reset for a minute and repeat the circuit over. Be sure to bookmark these for those busy mornings when you’re strapped for time.

The Pulley

Start with one foot on board and one back at 6 'clock. Lift back leg up to hip height, using arms and lower abs to pull in even with standing leg. Stretch back long to returning position. Complete 8 reps on both sides.
Work the Rotation

Start with one foot on board and other internally rotated to the side with toes pointed inward toward to the board. Pick up leg and lift inward towards standing leg before returning back to ground. Keep arms up for support and complete 8 reps on both sides.

Kick the Shoe Off

Start with one foot on board. Slowly kick other leg back, allowing for flexion in the stabilizing hip. Pull leg forward back through center and extend forward, leaning back for support. Keep core engaged for stability. Complete 8 reps on both sides. 

Slant On

Step up onto the board with one leg and pull opposite knee up to hip height while pulling arms down wide at an angle. Step back down to returning position. Complete 8 reps on both sides.

Stay tuned for more express slant board workouts. In the meantime, read more about the slant board or try us risk-free for 15 days to stream our slant board workouts today.