The Science 'Behind' the Butt

The Pvolve Method focuses so much on working the glute muscles, but it’s not only to get a plump, lifted backside.  

What are the glute muscles? 

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body and therefore is responsible for so much of our strength, mobility and daily function.  

Think of the butt as the engine of the body—if it’s not working properly, that can cascade into dysfunction in other parts of the body.  

Where are the glute muscles? 

The glutes live at the crossroads of the upper and lower body, allowing it to act as a center point along with the core, holding everything together. They don’t just help you sit, stand and run; they play a role in everything from the waist to the foot, to the lower back up through the shoulders. Once you understand how the butt plays a pivotal role in the way the body moves, you’ll begin to see how a method like Pvolve is crucial to reinforcing great biomechanics for total body function.   

How to activate the glute muscles 

Some fitness methods work the glutes with squats and lunges, but this only works the muscles in a one-dimensional way. Instead, we activate the entire area at every angle. Creating proper glute function in all three planes of motion—frontal, sagittal and transverse—is necessary to tone every part of the thighs, too. Working the backside in every plane of motion also helps prevent dormant butt syndrome, in which the glute muscles are weak and underactive. Dormant butt often occurs due to tightness and overuse of the hip flexors and from prolonged periods of sitting with the glutes in an overextended position, but can be fixed with getting up and moving, especially focusing on mindful activation of the glute muscles and strengthening and stretching of the hip musculature.   

By focusing on how the glutes operate—turning them on and keeping them on through functional rather than isometric exercises—you can transform your body from head to toe. Activation and function are key, and by taking this approach you will work every single part of the butt rather the just one section of it. The result won’t just be a lifted, well-rounded butt, but a backside that feels better and works the way it was intended, too.  

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