The Science 'Behind' the Butt

The butt is perhaps the biggest focus in P.volve, and not simply because that’s what my clients ask for from an aesthetics standpoint. As I developed this method, I knew that the glutes are without a doubt the most important muscle group in the body when it comes to proper function, health and overall strength. To tighten and tone the body, you must first and foremost tighten and tone the glutes. To be sure, the “perky peach” that develops is a welcomed side effect.

Consider, if you will, the glute as the engine of the body-- if it isn’t working properly, nothing else will either. It is the largest, strongest muscle in the body and has been strategically placed at the cross roads of the upper body and lower body, as the glutes are essentially what hold everything together. They react to and control everything from the waist down to the foot, and from the lower back up to the shoulders. If you want to be your strongest, you have to have a fully activated butt. It’s just fact. If you want to tone your legs, tighten your lower stomach, fix your posture, and create that muscular symmetry, you simply can’t do it without first strengthening the butt.

When I was studying the body in school, the term “dormant butt” kept coming up over and over again. At first, I thought this concept sounded ridiculous—I mean, how can anyone not use their glutes every day? But I soon learned that, in the world of physical therapy, this was a massive issue when it comes to rehabilitating patients from injuries. My program was very much focused on prehab (conditioning the body to prevent injury, rather than recovering post-injury) so this dormant butt problem was a major topic of discussion. 

The fascinating thing about the glutes is that they are attached to the bottom of the lumbar spine, wrap around the pelvis, and connect to the IT band which runs down to the knee and the tibia. All this is essentially to say that the butt is controlling the motions of the spine (the upper body) all the way down to the lower legs (reacting to the foot). Once you understand how the butt reacts and controls the motions of these bones and joints, you can then see how a program that reinforces these interactions (ahem—P.volve) is crucial. 

I have taken the therapeutic methodology of activating a dormant butt and applied it heavily to P.volve, tweaking it here and there to maximize results, which have proven to be beyond what I initially thought possible. And it is with full confidence that I can say my program will continue to build the glutes better than any squat, lunge or butt lift matrix out there. I have also learned along the way that in order to tone the thighs and slim them down without compromising strength, you have to start with the butt. Sensing a theme here?

Creating the proper glute function in all three planes of motion (frontal, sagittal, and transverse) is essential to getting the thighs to lean out and take on a natural shape without the bulking. Without proper glute function and strength, your body will rely heavily on the thighs to take you through exercises, which I have seen result in swelling and over-developed thigh muscles without fail. The biggest differentiator between P.volve and other workout methods is exactly this-- by focusing on how the glutes actually operate, turning them on and keeping them on through functional rather than isometric exercises, we can transform the body from head to toe.

glute muscles

By building upon the basic motions of the tibia, fibula, pelvis, and spine in order to work the butt, rather than just staying in the sagittal plane of motion to isometrically work one part of the butt, is truly what makes my program so effective and different from conventional exercise programs. I explain all of this background knowledge to you now, and I’ll continue to drive these points home, to show you exactly why we do the moves we do in this method. It’s important to understand that this is not just guess work here—it’s all tried and true. Activation and function are key, and by taking this approach you will work every single part of the butt rather the just one section of it, giving you the perfect, well-rounded peach shape. 

Ultimately, this is the science behind all of P.volve, and specifically for my new 21 Day Butt Program. This 3-week program targets the glutes from all angles, utilizing the entire body to do so. These movements and motions were carefully curated to help take your body to the next level, giving you results above and beyond what you thought possible.

The 21 Day Butt Program is available now on streaming, digital download, and DVD (there’s even an equipment bundle to ensure you have everything you need!). And, to top it all off, I’ve created a challenge to go along with the program that you can still sign up for, so don’t miss out!

Are you ready to go after those glutes like never before? I thought so.

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