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3 Streaming Videos to Tone Your Arms with the
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3 Streaming Videos to Tone Your Arms with the

Getting lean, toned arms requires a few things: a long range of resistance, proper form, and innovative movements. And anyone who’s worked out with our equipment knows that that’s what they get with the

The is our most innovative arm equipment that uses a hands-free approach to resistance training. Both hands are placed in a glove-like locking system that allows for a full range of motion using  your own body weight and movement to be the resistance in each rep. Plus, the seamlessly works with other toning exercises for the glutes, thighs, and abs—one of many reasons why it’s one of our most popular pieces of equipment.

The is crucial to so much of the method and can be found in so many of the workouts on our streaming platform. So, where can you begin? We picked our favorite sessions so you can try it for yourself today. These workouts are the most liked amongst the team and are constantly receiving rave reviews from the community. After giving them a try, make sure you pack your and take the arm workout with you on your next vacay!

Body On Fire with the
Thirty minutes is all you’ll need to ignite the fire in your arms. In this workout, P takes us through a full arm-toning session that also shows us how to target the sides of our bodies for a sleek core. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite amongst the P.volve community.

Arms and Abs with Celestine and the
To kick off this arm-focused workout, the team will take you through a warm up that will fully open your hips and prep for the moves ahead. Then, Celestine takes over using just the’s revolutionary technology. She shows us new ways to use the band both standing up and on the p.mat. You’ll feel stronger and more toned with each and every repetition!

Tall and Proud with the
Need to squeeze in some quick arm time on your lunch break? Celestine & Co. got you with this 20-minute workout. She hits the triceps, biceps, and other hard-to-reach parts of the arm using precise movements with the and perfect form throughout. Even better, the whole thing requires no extra moving space, so you can do it on-the-go or wherever the day takes you.

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