Meet Your Favorite Hybrid Workout: Pvolve's Live Virtual Studio

These days, just about everything has gone hybrid. Just like your work and social life, your workout routine should follow suit. After all, you probably don’t have time to get your sweat it at an in-person studio every single day. Enter: our Live Virtual Studio 

What is the Live Virtual Studio? 

The Live Virtual Studio, a.k.a. LVS, is our members’ favorite way to tap into the high-energy, community-centric feel that you get from an in-person studio, but from anywhere in the world. Included in all streaming memberships, our LVS classes range from slow and steady Strength & Sculpts to fast-paced Cardio Burns, Progressive Weight Training and everything in between. Just like any other studio, there are a slew of different trainers to try and plenty of time slots to sign up for. We recommend starting with a 30 minute class to check it out. The best part? Once you find your groove, you’ll notice there are little cohorts that gravitate towards specific times and trainers. In no time, you’ll find yourself in a mini community, no commute required.  

How should I prep for my first LVS class?  

Make sure you’re logged into and head to Pvolve Live Virtual Studio to check out the schedule and sign up for class.  

Once you’ve got your class on your calendar, there are five quick things you can do to prepare for your workout.  

1. Check out what equipment you’ll need

You’ll see the equipment you need to have for class when you go to sign up. Make sure you have it ready to go before class! We also send an equipment calendar that details the equipment you’ll need for your LVS classes each month. Check your email inbox or refer to the Pvolve Facebook Community Group to access the downloadable calendar.  

If you don’t have all of the equipment – no worries! You can either stock up in advance or just tune in with what you have. Our trainers will start class by listing out some alternative options for anyone missing equipment. Don’t have gliders? Paper plates or towels will do. No hand weights? Just grab some soup cans or water bottles!  

2. Find a suitable space

You can join the LVS from anywhere, but we recommend finding an area where you have ample space to get moving. Be sure you have at least double your arm’s length on each side of you so you can get the most out of our signature expansive moments. Pro tip: cast class on your TV to get the best view of your trainer.

3. Gather the essentials  

You don’t need to grab much before class, but it’s good to have the basics on hand for easy access. In addition to your equipment, be sure you have a full water bottle (or maybe some Recover 9!) and a towel – we promise you’ll be sweating! Bonus points if you have your phone nearby to record or take photos of your workout. (Share them on Instagram and tag @pvolve for a chance to be featured.)  

4. Get workout ready  

What’s a workout without a cute outfit? Since we recommend taking class with your camera on so you can get real-time form feedback, you may as well show up and show out in your favorite workout set. Whether you’re a leggings and sports bra kind-of gal or prefer shorts and a t-shirt, the right outfit can help power you through the hardest of classes.  

5. Log on early to chat with your trainer  

Our trainer will start class a few minutes early and stay on for a bit after to connect with everyone who joins. If you have any questions about our Method or equipment, or if you just want to chat, this is the best time to do it! If you’re an on-demand streamer, it can be so exciting to meet our trainers in real time. They’re here to support you throughout your journey, so take advantage by mingling and tapping into their expertise.  

One last thing: Don't forget to install Zoom ahead of time so you’re ready to go for class! 

So, are you ready to get moving with us? We can’t wait to help you take your fitness routine to the next level with our Live Virtual Studio. Sign up now, and we’ll see you there.  

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