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How P.volve Contributes to Better Female Health
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How P.volve Contributes to Better Female Health

Nipples and bleeding and orgasms and cramps.

These are just a few things women are left wondering about on any given day, oftentimes with little space or opportunity to talk freely without judgement or shame. This month, we’re coming clean about all the things we’d secretly text our BFF about—only this time around, we’re doing it the taboo-free way. It’s time to get down and dirty about sex, periods, breast health, the pelvic floor, pregnancy and so much more.  

Introducing: P.volve Unfiltered. It's your space for real talk, not girl talk. Looking for more pleasure instead of pain in the bedroom? Accidentally peeing just a teeny tiny bit after an intense Cardio Burn? We have the answers, and they’re all unfiltered.

We know that as women, we can all wake up feeling different every day—stressed out, bloated, lethargic, anxious. But this month, our team of experts is here to show you that P.volve and your routine can be a source of stability in your long-term wellness goals.

"While being a woman moving through this crazy world right now (talk about juggling act!), creating non-negotiables in regards to my health and well-being and moving every. damn. day. For me—that's what sustains my physical body and nurtures my soul," VP of Talent and Training Antonietta Vicario says.

Antonietta is just one of the experts you'll hear from throughout the month, providing insight into things like the importance of postural strength and working out during menopause. (You'll even have the chance to move right along with her during special classes for breast cancer research!) 

P.volve Trainer Alexia, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, knows that it's about finding the perfect combination of good movement, good food and good rest. 

“Women evolve daily, monthly, and over a lifetime. Their fitness should too. It’s time to step into the magic and power that is female, ride the rhythms that are inherently within, and feel with everything we have.“ 

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Amy Hoover explains how necessary it is to think of movement as medicine."For women this is especially important, as  exercise can mitigate the changes that our bodies go through on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis related to age, hormones, childbearing and just daily stresses," she says.

"The P.volve method is accessible to every woman in every life stage because it encourages proper use of our bodies and offers a variety of options to meet us where we are in the moment, all while improving form and function." 

We're also proud to introduce a partnership with Licensed Sex and Relationship Therapist Carli Blau, who specializes in women's health including infertility, endometriosis and PCOS. Throughout the month, she'll be sharing her expertise on the pelvic floor, sexual health and how P.volve fits into the mix of it all. "Everything in life is about moderation and balance," she explains. "If you work out one part of your body more than another, the other areas of the body will have to compensate in some way."  

From here on out, we don't have to think of a period as just a period or a workout as just a workout. We can find the connective tissue through it all, bringing together the things we as women deal with every day.

Ready to learn more? Submit your questions to—we'll be reading and answering your questions throughout the month! For more from P.volve Unfiltered, check out the women's wellness section on our blog or get started with our workouts with a 14-day free trial.