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5 Hacks to a Healthy Lifestyle from Fit Healthy Momma

Meet Tami, mom of two small children, fitness enthusiast, and writer—and the founder of the popular blog Fit Healthy Momma,. As a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, pre & post-natal fitness expert, and nutritionist, Tami takes her workouts seriously, and praises P.volve for doing an amazing job at bringing something new to the oversaturated fitness worlds. She calls the P.volve Method a great option if you want to challenge yourself in new ways and watch your body slim and tone over time.”


I’m really intentional with my time. I know what needs to get done each day and I make my plans accordingly. I don’t approach my days with a lax attitude, I’m pretty routined and tend to run a tight ship so that I don’t feel like a bag in the wind blowing from one thing to the next without direction. Of course, there are days when even the best-laid plans get way off track, but in general, having a schedule and routine for myself and my kiddos is what helps me keep all my plates in the air.

For me, fitting in workouts requires me to be very intentional about making the time in my schedule and committing to it. Since I tend to work out mainly in the a.m., I sometimes need to sacrifice staying up later at night so that I can make sure I am able to get enough sleep before my a.m. alarm. 


My day starts early, intentionally waking up earlier than the rest of my house so that I can have some quiet “me” time before the day gets going. I like to take the first few minutes of my day to meditate and visualize. Next, I typically get into some form of movement.

A lot of my time is spent at my computer, so I am very intentional about scheduling walk and stretch breaks throughout the day. I usually take a mid-morning walk a couple of hours into my day followed by lunch. I wrap up my work for the day and head to pick my kids up from school. We usually spend some time playing and reflecting on the day before getting dinner started. 

Somewhere between dinner and bedtime, I try to get in a little bit of extra movement to help with digestion and to help reach my step goal for the day. Some days that looks like an after-dinner walk with my dog, other days it might just be vacuuming the house. 


When it comes to my workouts, I like to mix it up a lot and really listen to my body and what it needs each day/week. Some weeks I feel like pushing hard in the gym with weights, and others I want to take things slower and more laid back.

One of my favorite things to do is schedule a Movement Therapy class with P.volve at least once per week. With all the activities that I do on a daily basis, my body always needs some dedicated recovery and stretching to feel its best. I’m particularly fond of the Back Strengthening Series as well as the Pelvic Floor Strengthening program, something I wish I had paid more attention to in my earlier postpartum days.


When I first began focusing on my health and wellness, my motivation came from a desire to be the healthiest version of myself for my kids. These days that’s certainly still true, however, my healthy lifestyle choices have now become habits. At this point, I don’t need a lot of motivation, it’s just a part of my day. This happened over the span of years and many days/weeks/months of showing up and going through the motions despite not wanting to and feeling 0 motivation.


When I’m in a rut I try to take inventory of why I am feeling that way and get to the root cause of the issue. Fitness rut? Maybe I need to switch up my routine. Healthy eating rut? Perhaps it’s a good time to evaluate my eating habits and implement some changes that will have me feeling more excited and energetic. Creativity rut? Usually taking a step back from what I’m working on, giving it some space, and placing my focus on something else that’s productive will help inspire me. For example, if I’m struggling with what to write in a blog post, I’ll get up and away from the computer for a while, maybe go for a walk or go outside and sit in the sunshine for a while and meditate. When I come back to it, I usually have a freshly invigorated perspective that I can pour onto the paper.

Quick-Fire Q&A:

Favorite piece of equipment: P.ball
Favorite instructor: Antonietta
Favorite class format: Strength & Sculpt
Favorite time of day to workout: Morning!
Who do you recommend it to? Anyone with a desire to learn and grow in their body while getting stronger, leaner, and more flexible. 
How do you describe P.volve? Functional movement at its best.
Something you’re over? Crazy intense workouts that leave you completely gassed. I’ve realized these just aren’t as effective as I once thought, nor are they sustainable.
A current obsession? Greek yogurt mixed with a sugar-free Jello cup and topped with frozen berries and a little whipped creamhealthy and so satisfying!


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