Step Up Your Workouts

So you’ve watched the tutorials, you’ve been streaming workouts for weeks now, and you’re finally getting the hang of the P.volve method. Ready to amp it up? Good, me too.

To all our P.volve streaming veterans out there, it’s about time I introduce you to the piece of equipment that will take everything you’ve mastered so far and, quite literally, step it up a notch. It is with great excitement that I bring you the step.

You may have seen these steps in the background of the streaming videos or on our social media. Let me assure you, they are so much more than a pretty prop. In fact, the step has been a key piece of equipment for my program since the beginning, and I have been using them constantly in my classes and personal training sessions for years. However, it is important for you to nail down the fundamental movements, get your hips to open up, and perfect your form before bringing it all to the step. Once you’ve got the basics under control, the step will take your workout to the next level by broadening and altering the range of motion of each move. 

There is one particular benefit of using the step that is extremely effective in changing your body, and is also perhaps the most overlooked amongst fitness pros. Using the step creates a vertical displacement in your pelvis with nearly every move. Have you ever noticed how some people’s hips sway when they walk? That is the vertical lift of the pelvis taking place; the pelvis goes through many motions when moving and activates all the muscles attached to it, as well. The pelvic displacement in the sagittal plane (front to back) will work both the inner and outer thighs and the inner and outer butt. This simple motion facilitated and exaggerated by the use of the step, alone, will have tremendous effects on your physique.  

If you’ve ever attended a P.volve class here in our New York studio, you may have already gotten to experience the step. I like to incorporate the steps into my classes as often as possible, and switch things up by using them with and without risers underneath. The step allows you to engage and feel your muscles even more, but you have to be super cautious to constantly keep an eye on your form. For this reason, I recommend you start out using the step without any risers. Remember, the higher the step, the harder it is so if you’re a beginner just trying to build your glutes and lean out your thighs, you should always start without risers. In my classes, I typically use a single set of risers underneath, and on very rare occasion I’ll use 2 sets (but this involves tailoring the entire workout to accommodate for that much height, so not recommended for your at-home workouts). Risers or not, always go slower when starting out to get used to the new height, and don’t use momentum!   

Ultimately, the beauty of the step is in its versatility-- it can be used with any and all of the other equipment, or entirely on its own. That said, any workout you see that uses a step can also be done without it. Think about it as a supplement, rather than an essential, as it enhances your already-effective workouts. If you don’t already have a step at home, you can purchase the one we have in the studio here or a similar option here

Ready to step it up? Be sure to check out our latest streaming workouts, as we bring the step front and center!